Friday, October 19, 2007

Maybe the Powers that Be Will Call October 19th KORD Day...A New Holiday

I have an all day meeting that I’m running and would rather call in sick. Anyway, play the KORD Classic tonight and have the chance to knock off a Razz donk. Remember that it starts at 9:15 central time and costs only $5+.50. The game is at Full Tilt and the password is “pokere”. I’ve added a little extra to the prize pool because I’m feeling generous and trying to sway the poker gods to my favor for FTOPS event 2. Come play.

I now know that my token will go for the razz sat. Not because of anything other than I won’t be around to play the Big Game. Softball E has a tourney and I don’t think we’ll be back in time to play. It was nice to have life make the decision for me.

We continue this weekend with soccer but drop cheerleading and also add some softball on Saturday as well as Sunday. A typical weekend for the family so nothing new. That’s about all. See you tonight on Full Tilt at the KORD Classic.

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