Thursday, October 11, 2007

No Mookie, But the Dookie

I had a busy day yesterday with putting out fires at work so I wasn't sure what I wanted to do last night. After a few trips to various places I made it home and had a dinner of Culver's $1 burger special and some cheese curds because I'm already fat and a little fried food is good for fat people.

At some point I opened up the lap top and fired up a token sng and got my token. I got lucky when I pushed as a short stack with KQ and won vs. the powerful A7 when I hit a Q. I also survived a scary moment when I caught KK on the token bubble and and had to call a big stack raise that put me all-in. his K9 suited caught a 9 and a flush draw on the flop but didn't come home for him to give me the chips I needed to win the token.

Around this time I fired up Razz and was card dead for much of this early. I played 5 hands in the first hour with two of those hands being walks when I had the bring in. Anyway, I chipped up a little and as we got a bit deeper I got involved in a hand that a chaser caught and I was on life support. I chipped back up on a few good hands when my hand of fate killed me when the chip leader called me down and hit runner runner to hit the nut low and bust me short of the money.

After chatting with Surf for a while I made the Dookie my last action of the night. It was turbo HORSE and I was rewarded with a few good hands early. I stayed tight and pushed my edges hard and made it to the final table with a nice stack. I hit a few big hands like a 6 cards flush in Stud and had a couple of big pairs hold up and soon I was the big chip leader. After the bubble broke I got lucky when raised a short stack with a semi solid starting hand and missed the flop but was priced in for the call. He flopped trips but I hit a flush when I got 2 straight diamonds on the turn and the river to get down to three. Bayne was knocked out a little later and I was faced with a big chip lead Omaha hl on the table. I missed on a big hand and lost the lead based on the huge blinds but fought hard and got back to even during Razz and Stud only to lose it all when my JJ behind lost to 7s and 4s. I knew I was behind at 5th street and I put him on his hand but also knew if I paired I'd take it down. I missed and he won the day.

I have a bit of news that I should post tomorrow or later today. It is nothing life changing but more on the fun side. Look for news about The KORD and maybe a little free money thrown in for my readers.

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