Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not Happy Sometimes

It really disturbs me when the quality of the help you have doesn’t meet the expectations you are looking for. When this happens you spend hours of time trying to figure out what has broken down in a system when in reality it is the people that have broken down. In essence, it comes down to laziness and returning to a comfort zone.

When an issue came up with our customer, we figured out away to eliminate the problem with a little bit of extra work. It was as simple as creating a jig and checking returned parts for squareness and determining if the part could be used again or needed to be scrapped. It is a simple process and can be done quickly. The production manager and I trained the guys who do it and expressed the need to have this inspection done so that nothing gets trough. Today I find out that the one inspector sent things through that almost passed. He said they were really close.

I’m very happy right now.

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I friggin hate work.

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Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

You can't help stupidity. Call me and I'll tell you about a classic Donkey Coworker story.

It involves a woman, the company car and a concrete pole.

No not that pole.

SICKO!! :-)

Any news on the rest of the E's?