Friday, January 23, 2009

Borgota Bound

Well not really but it sounded good. Check out the coverage here

Monday, January 19, 2009

Playing Poker and a Fundraiser

Man it was so cold last week.

Anyway, not much happening that’s new or different. Its seems my/our life revolves around driving whichever child has event on any given day.

I did play a home game since the last time I wrote here and it was much the same as last time. Get deep and miss the money…again. I can’t complain to much as I felt I was playing my A game for the most part. I didn’t have the chance to run my stack up like last time but instead slowly increased my stack by winning smaller pots.

It started off well when I won the first hand dealt when I saw a flop with AQ suited and had a free look at the turn. I caught the nut flush draw and re-raised a small bet from a middle position player who likes to take stabs and he called. The river filled my straight and my opponent check folded. This seemed to be the way my night went…I one a bunch of hands without having to show my cards.

A little later I chopped a big pot when I flopped two pair and turn the nut boat. He held the same J9 for the chop. That was the hand I needed to win to start running over the table. Eventually we got down to two tables and I had a super donkey on my left. He wasn’t afraid to call with any two cards and won a number of hands with crap. I was hoping for a double up through him and he gave it to me on an AK3 flop when I had AK and he had A5.

I busted a player when I was in the BB. I announced I was calling blind, mainly because the guy on my right would have pushed ATC. The button pushed the remainder of his small stack in the middle and it was folded to me. I called getting about 6-1 on my money and we turn them over…I had no idea I would have AQ and ran over his AJ.

At the final table I made a few moves by stealing some blinds and ran into the hand that would define my night. I’m in the SB and bets are at 750/1500 and I have 5800 behind. UTG limps leaving 6K behind. Middle position player pushes to 2600 and super donkey calls from late middle position. I turn up my cards and see QQ. I go all in.

I think this is a no brainer. I don’t really care about the short stack…I want super donkey heads up and isolated. If I beat him and lose to the shorty I still have a net gain.

Anyway, BB folds and UTG tanks. Now when he didn’t push I felt I was safe. In my opinion, you can only call here with one or two hands…AA or KK. I mean if you hand wasn’t good enough to raise with preflop then it can’t be good now. But if you look at the odds he was getting, maybe calling is the right move. We he eventually he only called and super donk came for the ride. The flop came 983 and UTG shoves about 1K into the middle and super donkey folds. UTG’s set of 9s is golden and I miss the money by a couple spots.

I think what we see here is a guy who probably miss played his 99 and then felt he had to call…which I’m not sure I agree with but I can argue both ways. I think a better move from him is to raise/shove preflop since he only had an M of about 3 anyway. I really think limping with that hand is the wrong play most time but it was a good move for him that time as it really didn’t matter how he played it…I was going to get knocked out regardless. That is unless there are three players all in, in front of me…then I can fold QQ. Doesn’t really matter…I had a good time and won a few bounties to break about even.


This weekend we are throwing a fundraiser tourney together for my daughters softball team. It is a $20 re-buy with basically $5 going to the team and the rest to the prize pool. If anyone would like to make a donation of a re-buy, I will be donating anything I win back to the team as well as any unused re-buy funds I have left. You can contact me by email through my profile to make arrangements through paypal or a funds transfer on full tilt.

Regardless, it will be a fun time and hopefully I can either win some money for the team or at least help them out with many buy-ins.

Have a great day.