Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well, after a long time away, the KORD has returned. It is the Anti-Waffles except that would mean that waffles is a stud but we know that he isn’t. He just plays a lot of stud. Anyway, it will be June 6th at 9:15 central time. It is an $8 buy-in and will have a 50/50 bounty. It should be a lot of fun. The password is pokere.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The American Dream

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting Better...Getting Worse

Well, after weeks of inactivity, Softball Enthusiast finally got back on the field of play. Her ankle was well enough to give it a go and she did well. She went 1-2-3 in her first two innings of work before running out of gas in her third inning on the mound. She has a long way to go to get back into shape but we have a plan that includes me making her work out every day until she gets back into shape. She has throw every day for the last 5 days since getting the ok to play again and we will do this for a while. Her main motivation was watching girls play that are not nearly as good as her but are healthy. Her team lost on Sunday when the second baseman couldn’t catch either of two pop flies in the infield and the third baseman missed an easy foul pop-up. We had a discussion on being motivated and using the her injury to push her to the next level. She sat on the bench for all but 3 inning during the 5 games they played this weekend and she was pissed. I think she expected to get all her playing time back after a 6 week layoff but there was no way she could play much more the maybe 2 games over the weekend. She was complaining about it as we walked back to the car and I told her if she has a problem she needs to talk to her coach so that he can explain his reasons for not playing her more. I can only speculate but he knows why she didn’t play more.

Speedy E. made a tourney team that plays tourneys after the in-house season is over. She then left her equipment bag at the ballpark thus she has no glove or bat. I was so pissed. I’m still pissed. Anyway, we have an old glove that she will use unless someone is nice enough to turn her stuff into the park district office.

I can’t write anymore…Leaving your equipment at the ballpark is about the stupidest thing you can do.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Look What I Did at Brickin The Nutz

The management of Brickin The Nutz has come up with a new idea. Sitting around the Razz table the other day we thought that creating our own clothing line might be a good thing so we have opened a store front called BTN Apparel. We have various items for sale including a waffles thong and the prices are low just for you. I don’t have the Brickin The Nutz stuff ready yet because some work is being done on a logo but it will be out shortly. We will also have KORD apparel for the Razz Enthusiast so take a look around and see if there is something you like.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Super User Account Facts

We have had stories of super accounts at different poker sites, accounts that can see the whole cards or maybe even have a way of attracting the cards they need to win hands. There has been some basis for truth for this and I think I have proof that the random number generators in the world may be faulty and that they are being influenced to do what is in the best interest of the organization that is using them for their needs.

It all came to me last night as I was driving to my daughter’s concert. I was listening to the NBA lottery draft show and realized that it isn’t any different then poker. All these teams have a percentage chance of getting the top spot with the better teams getting only 1.7% chance of winning the top spot. So, as they read off the name I realize that some small market teams get passed by and then it happens…The Chicago Bulls are guaranteed a top 3 spot.

Now I arrived at my destination before the show was over but I was sure of the outcome. You see, the Bulls were expected to compete for the championship after having a couple of good years but fell flat on their face. Being that the Bulls are from a big market, it makes a lot of sense that they get a top college player.

When I got home last night I turned on ESPN and waited to hear the news. And there it is…The Bulls have the top spot in the 2008 draft. Talk about a suckout. That’s is a one outer on the river and they got their money in bad. How is it that they get the luck? The NBA has influenced the number generators and given a team in need a chance. We all know that the Bulls can generate a lot more income for the NBA than lets say Milwaukee.

It is just another example of a super user account.

Go Bulls

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More 6-Max

So my deep run in the 6-max tourney was simple…get strong hands and get paid off. I started off with pocket kings early and took down a pot with a continuation bet. That changed a little later when I folded to a push on the river with this board, Ah Ad Jd 3c As. I floated a bet when he fired out post flop and I re-raised on the turn with air. I was folding any river bet and got knocked down to 2800 chips. I won a big hand with 67 suited on a flop of 876. I called flop and turn bets and I re-raised on the river to take it down uncontested. I finally doubled up against the table maniac when I saw a flop from the sb with J9 suited. The flop was 9TJ and Mr. Maniac bet with two of us calling. I was a little worried about a slow played straight from the other guy but I wanted to see what his action would be. The turn gives me the flush draw and two pair so I come over the top of his 1200 bet and he calls showing AJ. The river gives me the flush and I move to 7200. I end the first hour with 6900 chips.

For the early part of the 2nd hour I lost ground and ended up hovering around 5K in chips. I finally had a chance to double again against the same maniac when I hit a set on the flop and filled up the river. Other dude hit his set and paid me off. He check-raised me with top pair of 9s and now I’m sitting at 12K. I stayed quiet for a while before taking down a hand with KK. The very next hand I get AA and double up to 22K. Three hands later I get KK again and bust who had QQ and move to 30K. This game is so easy…right? I give half of it back when I hit TPTK with my AK and loose to a set of kings. I get my chips back when I bust a guys aces with KQ when I hit two pair and end the 2nd hour at 32K.

The 3rd hour saw me check raise a flop with an over pair to move to 42K. After getting knocked down to 35K and some missed flops, I won a big hand on a check-raise and a continuation bet. The I find AA again and double up right before a table change. Sitting at 88K and top of the tourney, I’m ready to use my stack. I was in a hand I made players play for their stacks. I won a few and lost with QQ vs. 67. I then lost a race with TT vs. AQ. I then lose a big hand when my opponent goes runner runner for a flush after I had hit my straight. So all the luckbox poker I had earlier was coming back but I still had 52K chips in my stack. I then get the suck out of the tourney. I get all-in vs. the same donk with AK suited. He has KK and end end up with the wheel on the river to move to 113K.

At some point we get into the 4th hour and I’m sitting great at 127K. I bust a short stack with my 25 vs. AK and hit 134K just before the slide. I turn it around with a boat and get back to 125K and eventually get to 140K with some steals.

At the final table I went card dead. And in 6-max with a M of 13 or so I was in trouble. I played back a few times and regained my stack but was hurting with 4 players left. I had 3rd place equity but wanted a double up to have a shot. I eventually ran into this hand:

Full Tilt Poker Game #6461064522: $3 + $0.30 Tournament (49009537), Table 51 - 4000/8000 Ante 1000 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:54:20 ET - 2008/05/18
Seat 2: pokerenthusiast (144,130)
Seat 4: Timmytwotime (68,246)
Seat 5: M-Mcash1 (469,885)
Seat 6: UMSTS9 (304,739)
pokerenthusiast antes 1,000
Timmytwotime antes 1,000
M-Mcash1 antes 1,000
UMSTS9 antes 1,000
UMSTS9 posts the small blind of 4,000
pokerenthusiast posts the big blind of 8,000
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to pokerenthusiast [2d Qd]
Timmytwotime folds
UMSTS9: nb
M-Mcash1 folds
UMSTS9 raises to 16,000
M-Mcash1: ty
pokerenthusiast calls 8,000

I’m getting 4-1 on my money so I call. His range is big.

*** FLOP *** [9d 5d Ks]
UMSTS9: i had 2 pair
UMSTS9 bets 20,000

He makes this bet I think no matter if he hits or not. If I call there is 78K in the pot with me having 9 out at least. I wanted to represent the fact that I am willing to get my chips in the middle so I make a nice call inducing raise hoping the bet for value will make him fold. Regardless of his action, I am committed to this pot once I come over the top.

pokerenthusiast has 15 seconds left to act
M-Mcash1: good fold
UMSTS9: had u on 56
pokerenthusiast raises to 88,000
UMSTS9 raises to 287,739, and is all in
pokerenthusiast has 15 seconds left to act
pokerenthusiast: crap
pokerenthusiast calls 39,130, and is all in
UMSTS9 shows [7d Kc]
pokerenthusiast shows [2d Qd]
Uncalled bet of 160,609 returned to UMSTS9

I have 8 outs.

*** TURN *** [9d 5d Ks] [Jh]

I have 12 outs.

*** RIVER *** [9d 5d Ks Jh] [9s]
UMSTS9 shows two pair, Kings and Nines
pokerenthusiast shows a pair of Nines
UMSTS9 wins the pot (290,260) with two pair, Kings and Nines
Timmytwotime: gg
pokerenthusiast stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 290,260 | Rake 0
Board: [9d 5d Ks Jh 9s]
Seat 2: pokerenthusiast (big blind) showed [2d Qd] and lost with a pair of Nines
Seat 4: Timmytwotime folded before the Flop
Seat 5: M-Mcash1 (button) folded before the Flop
Seat 6: UMSTS9 (small blind) showed [7d Kc] and won (290,260) with two pair, Kings and Nines

He said in the chat that he almost folded. Not sure if it was true but I’m not sure I get away from this at this stage. He committed almost half his stack on a weak king so I will keep that note for next time.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Popular Blackjack and Poker Game Sites on Alert for Identity Theft

One of the places I have written about before for playing online backgammon and other games is Backgammon Masters. They also continue to have blackjack and other games like poker as a staple of their site. I also found out something else that is interesting. They have been investigating identity theft and cracking down on fraudulent play.

In a recent report, BackgammonMasters found several users in their systems that opened accounts with names of famous persons. Further investigation found that these people were fakes and that they were using these names as a status symbol of sorts. Rest assured that people like Madonna and Tom Cruise may not actually play blackjack or online backgammon on the site. What has the world come to if we can’t believe the player name of the game we play. It has even been reported that a guy was arrested for impersonating a prince of Morocco. What is happening to this world of ours when royalty has to worry about identity theft.

Rest assured that if you want to play blackjack, backgammon or poker, you should give Backgammonmasters a shot during your free time on the net, your identity is safe with them…all the time.

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Love Me Some 6-Max

I'll have a little more infor later. Played well and got really lucky at one point.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Day

Not much to say today. I played the skillz game last night but didn’t bring my skills with me. I had a bit of call down syndrome and gave away some chips. By the time it was over I was glad for the reprieve because I couldn’t keep my self in the game. I think I was on tilt a little.

It started with the 4K PLO tourney on Full Tilt. I stayed tight and tried to move up the board but my strong hands were missing. As we got down to the the final 60 players or so, I had a shortish stack but a double up would put me back into contention. 18 players are getting paid when I look down at TAA5 with one suit. I have 4K chips and after 3 limpers at 160 I make a pot size bet. I get one caller and we see a flop of 3h Kd 3d. I don’t have a lot I can do here other then check push or open pot bet. Now most players will realize that if a player raises pre flop this late in the tourney he has a big pair. So when I make the 2400 bet and he puts me in I figure he has a king or 2 pair. But, what he has is a diamond draw with the 2nd nut diamond and 2 under pair. It could be very easy for me to have a set of kings and or the nut diamond draw on the guy, especially if you have seen how tight I play. Anyway, his QQ77 wins out when he hits a 7 on the river and sends me home. I guess it isn’t that bad a call but I would have to think he knew he was behind with his QQ77 pre-flop. This was the beginning of the end for me.

From there are started to play stupid in the skillz game and ended my evening with a little Razz. I won about a quarter of a buy-in buy playing position on a loose player on my right. He liked to raise and fold if he missed or even fold if I hit. He was easy to read so I tried to stay involved when he was in a pot. I made a good layown on him when he hit a 6 and I had a 7. His action had changed so I knew he had to have made his hand. I could have done a little better except the short stacks kept beating me for their lives. Twice I put guys with less then 6 bucks in while I help 3 under a 5 and lost both times. One guy started with a 9 and the other had a T. I was running good there I guess.

Anyway, no poker tonight because of softball and baseball. We will be going for win number two in softball and trying to improve to 3-1 in baseball. Should be a good night.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bow Tied

Well I have to say that I’ve gotten some reaction from my last post. I thought it would be nice to show how the id, ego and superego war with each other and that it can really mess with a teenagers head. Now it has been a lot of years since I was a teen but I can recall much of what I went through with clarity. I think the emotions of the time help imbed these pictures into a caricature of the truth as we embellish life in our memories.

As for the story, it is true as I remember. There are things I have left out, mainly because of the space needed to write it down, but the tale is accurate beyond a doubt. “Kathy” was and is still in the area but I have not seen her in years…but we still laugh about the incident when we see each other. “Dale” was in my wedding but I have not see or heard from him in 13 years or more. I know he has been divorced and lives within 10 miles of me but quit returning calls at some point so I have lost touch. I have no clue what happened to “Wendy”. She was an underclassman and so I have no reason to stay in touch.

So with being in truckin and writing this last story, I went to Technorati and checked out who had linked it or me up. It isn’t something I do a lot but my traffic jumped and was just seeing where some of it came from. I ran across a site called Taylor Bow Revenge. So as I am sitting at work during lunch, checking these sites out, it pops up. A picture of an attractive girl and a link to What I Knew?. It’s kind of weird because it looks like she has frosting on her face and so I look around to see what other stories there are on the page. That’s when I see a giant cock on the left side of the page. I look at the picture again and realize that is not frosting on her face.

And now you know…the rest of the story.

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

What I Knew?

I had made up my mind weeks before that I would ask Kathy. Everyone liked her and even though she wasn’t the hottest thing around, she had a nice body and could hold a conversation. Eventually, after days of procrastination, I summoned the courage and finally asked her. But not without a battle in my mind.

Just walk up and ask her you idiot…You’ve been friends for four years…she doesn’t have a date and either do you…Quit being a pussy and ask her…Christ dude…what are you nervous about…you’ve played soccer in front of thousands of people and you get freaked out about one question…She’s looking at you…walk up to her…one step in front of the other moron…
“Hey Kathy…you have a minute.”

I wanted to go to prom but my chicken-ass self could hardly muster up the courage to ask anyone. Breaking up with Pam was still having an affect on me and my ability to act like a normal teenager. My friends kept giving me shit as they prepared to waste a ton of money on a ritual that creates hope in young men. The hope that they will get laid…or at least a blow job.

Fuck yah, she said yes…I’m not sure if she puts out but I hope I have a shot…Dude…she isn’t an easy mark…put your pecker away and be a good guy…How the hell can I afford this…Maybe mom will throw me a little cash to help out…I’m gonna pull a good one off tonight...Cool, lunch time

Trying to get everything arranged in about two weeks was difficult but it worked out. I went and ordered the tux and Kathy told me what flowers to get. I knew things were coming into place when I got to use my mom’s new Cutlass instead of my 69 Nova that was having issues. We teamed up with our friends Dale and Wendy and made the rounds to get our pictures taken.

This is so fucking lame…I want to start drinking…When is this picture taking shit gonna end…man, Wendy is hot…how does she not fall over when she walks…She is gonna have back problems…wow…Kathy looks hot…I hope I get laid…her dad looks scary…her sister is hot…fuck I’m ready to get laid…finally…lets drink

Back in the day we would drink and drive. It was just what we did back in the mid 80’s and as long as we didn’t get to crazy, nobody seemed to mind. When we arrived at the destination, we finished off the bottles of bubbly and I had a good buzz.

I hope this buzz lasts a while…HAHAHA, he’s way stoned…I wish I had a joint…Night Ranger is so fucking good…My buzz is gone…I’m hungry and we still have another hour at least…he’s getting laid tonight…I hope I do but it isn’t looking…wait…what’s going on…

It was a normal dance except we had to dress up. Everyone still acted stupid for the most part but we still had to pick the King and Queen of the prom.

I know I have no shot…just tell us the winner already…YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME…That fucker is king…I didn’t know kings could be lame ass cock suckers…So stupid…wish I wasn’t on the prom court…I voted for Kathy but she probably wont win…OMG…OMG…I’M AT PROM WITH THE PROM QUEEN…I’M GETTING LAID I KNOW I AM…man I’m hungry…

Going to prom with the prom queen was cool. I always bring it up when I get with old friends because it is kind of like having a status for doing nothing at all. I don’t really care about status but it is fun to mess with my friends. Anyway, we went to dinner after prom and headed home because we had a big day planned for the day after.

Man am I still hungry…that had to be the smallest piece of steak I’ve ever eaten…Should I hold her hand on the way back…maybe I’ll get a kiss…I’m gonna get so drunk tomorrow…I hope I don’t fall of a cliff…she’s cool to talk to but I don’t think she’s gonna put out…At least I got a kiss…Fuck…I know my mom is going to want to talk about this shit when I get home…

The next day we went to Starved Rock near Ottawa. Dale drove his Trans Am and we had plenty of beer and food. The whole senior class sitting out along the river getting drunk and having fun was classic. We almost got arrested when a park ranger caught us swimming in the water back in the canyons but we looked like good kids so he let us go.

Man, mom would kill me if I got in trouble for something stupid like that…You know they would have found the beer…Paul’s knee is fucked up after that fall…He’s done…man I’m drunk…Jesus Dale….open up the stupid windows and turn up the music…Sammy Hagar rocks…I’m gonna put my hand on her leg…She doesn’t mean no…Fuck…What the fuck am I doing…At least I stopped…that could have been really fucked up…man I’m drunk and stupid…Can I ever talk to her again

Nothing ever happened except for me looking like a drunk idiot. After she said no the second time I backed off and regretted being a moron. Nothing ever came of my idiocy and Kathy and I still talked in the hall way and at WCC where we both went to college. I hadn’t seen her for four years. That is until we met at our five year reunion.

It will be cool to see Bill again…Wow, Scott lost all his hair already…Wait, he wasn’t in our class…Oh shit…

“Kathy, I’m very sorry for how I acted the day after prom.”

“That’s OK…If you did it today I would probably say yes”

You have to be kidding me…All this fucking time I feel like shit and she says that…Maybe she’ll put out tonight…Fuck…I don’t think my girl friend would like that…

“That’s funny”


Truckin' - May 2008, Vol. 7, Issue 5
Welcome to our 72nd issue of Truckin'!

1. Sundays by Paul McGuire
I held four crappy jobs and had to work on Sundays at an art museum. Most of the time, I got baked in the parking lot and just stood around making sure the post-church and post-brunch crowd kept their grubby mitts off the paintings... More

2. Prison Justice by Dr. Chako
Hateem's crime must have been grave. They broke his ankles and elbows, of course. What happened next is beyond human understanding. At least five executioners must be involved. After the arms and legs, you'd think Hateem's spirit would be broken, but you'd be wrong. They must be swift. From the time the gag comes out, the screaming must be intolerable... More

3. Egotistical: Three Examples by Sean Lovelace
The radio was playing angry girl bands. I love and have always loved angry girl bands. They have what I call fuck you. Also I was waiting on a girl. A cute bra-less girl who would soon leap off a balcony... More

4. High School Reunion by Johnny Hughes
He kept asking me if I remembered people which I didn't, but he told me all about them anyway. No one would ever forget Bobby, especially me. Now the most mellow guy in West Texas had a license to carry a hand gun... More

5. Ode to.... by Dusty Rhodes
Death is natural. We will all die and we will all have friends and family that die. It is a hard thing to deal with but it has to be done. People cry, people act strong, people try to empathize but can't truly understand what it is that you are going through. Our experiences are all different but I can't imagine anyone who likes dealing with these things... More

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Truckin and Skillz

What can I say. I have been published in Truckin and thus maybe someone else will read me and realize I don’t have a clue. If you remember back a month or so ago, my father had died and I left my soul out there for everyone to see. It wasn’t my intention to write something that would considered for something bigger like truckin but a few people said that I should send it in because they felt the pain I was going through and felt it was worthy. Looking back at the pain I felt and the emotions I went through I’m not sure I really wrote any of it. I was just describing the random thoughts that cluttered my mind as I tried to deal with the death of my dad. I think opening your soul and leaving it out there for the world to see is easy. Putting it into words that others can maybe empathize with will only be done if you do it freely and without regret. I’m not sure I could do it again. I also think that you need to read all five parts to understand the rollercoaster of emotion I experienced during that period of time in my life. Anyway, I am truly honored to have one of my stories posted on truckin and hope to have something worthy again someday.

Well the first official game for my son was last night. He is playing transition ball…they use pitching machines for pitchers…and every pitch was about eye high. He tried hard to hit the ball but it is hard to hit something that high. Anyway, it looks like the outs made at this level are strikeouts for the most part. The only put out of the game was on the last play. Someone hit a bal to my son and he picked it up tagged the runner for the last out of the game. Little stud boy.

Don’t forget the skills game tonight. It is Razz so I will be playing. Check out Full Tilt at 8:30 central in the private games. The password id skillz.

Check out Live Poker Radio

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Donkey Poker Rules

I played a little donkey poker in the 3K PLO o8 tourney on Saturday bight and what do you know...I made the final table. I ruined my chance at top 3 when I made a play at the blind and had to call a push from a shorter stack. I had a good low draw and a couple of suites and some connectors but missed everything and got short. I fought hard and took a stand with JJ88 double suited and lost to AAxx. I lasted a long time and had fun until about 2:30 am. Problem was having to be at the ball field at 7 am on Sunday.

Tourney went well except the girls giving up a 4 run lead and ending the game in a tie as drop dead time came. If they win that game they would have played for the championship but instead had a game that didn't mean anything. I'm tired after getting about 3 hours of sleep and being in the sun all day. I look like a lobster.

Go to live poker radio and check it out. They are live at the Borgota.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Summer is Almost Here

Christ…I was starting to wonder if I would ever write again. I can tell that it is ball season because I have no time to do the things I do the rest of the year. With that being said, I have not played as much lately. Maybe two days a week at best and that is about it. I’m not missing it to much but the shakes are starting to go away as my body fights the addiction.

Mrs. PE has applied for a new job. It isn’t like she was tired of driving kids on a school bus but with all our kids going to school full time next year, she decided it was time to get a full time job. And what is it she maybe doing soon if all goes well? She will be a dispatcher for 911. Sounds like an interesting job and she will get government benefits so she has that going for her. Of all the candidates that applied, she was one of five that got an interview for the three spots they are trying to fill. Good luck Mrs. PE.

In other news, Speedy E is going to tryout for a travel softball team next weekend. They will play a couple of tourneys after the in-house season is over and hopefully be the precursor for next years 12U travel team. This was a brainchild of mine to try and get more interest in travel ball for the younger girls so I hope it goes well.

As for Baseball E, he is playing transition ball and having a lot of fun. He is one of the youngest kids in the league because we moved him up but he fits right in with the older kids. It is so fun watching him dive around and slide into bases like he knows what he is doing. The funniest part was getting him a cup to protect his manhood. He walks around the field holding his crotch just like a ball player should.

Softball E is in a funk. She hurt her wrist but came back from that. Then she sprained her ankle and hasn’t really been able to play because of it. She ended up with a high ankle sprain and if you know sports, high ankle sprains are the worst. It turned black and blue and with her low tolerance for pain, it has been a long road to recovery. She has started throwing a little but it starts to hurt if she is on the mound for to long. She still can’t run very well but she is trying hard to heal. She is going to try and throw a couple of innings tonight but she isn’t going to hit or play in the field. If all goes well, she may pitch a whole game on Sunday.

Work sucks. I had an all day ISO meeting last week that I had to run and this week I had to do a presentation for the sales force. The worst part of the presentation was that my boss kept adding things he wanted covered and then threw a business trip into the middle of my preparation time. I finished it with plenty of time to spare and it went well but it put a crimp into my blog reading time.

So for the PE family, the weekend will be filled with picture day on Saturday as well as other normal everyday stuff. Throw in some Softball practices and games and we’ll maybe get the lawn mowed…If I can get it back from the lawnmower guy who is fixing random problems with my riding mower.

Have a great weekend.