Monday, May 19, 2008

Popular Blackjack and Poker Game Sites on Alert for Identity Theft

One of the places I have written about before for playing online backgammon and other games is Backgammon Masters. They also continue to have blackjack and other games like poker as a staple of their site. I also found out something else that is interesting. They have been investigating identity theft and cracking down on fraudulent play.

In a recent report, BackgammonMasters found several users in their systems that opened accounts with names of famous persons. Further investigation found that these people were fakes and that they were using these names as a status symbol of sorts. Rest assured that people like Madonna and Tom Cruise may not actually play blackjack or online backgammon on the site. What has the world come to if we can’t believe the player name of the game we play. It has even been reported that a guy was arrested for impersonating a prince of Morocco. What is happening to this world of ours when royalty has to worry about identity theft.

Rest assured that if you want to play blackjack, backgammon or poker, you should give Backgammonmasters a shot during your free time on the net, your identity is safe with them…all the time.

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1 comment:

gtycoon said...

You mean to tell me if I'm playing against famous people online, there is a chance it might not actually be them?

I wonder if I'm really playing poker against Phil Ivey or Mike Matusow or Chris Ferguon or any of the other poker pros when I'm at full tilt?