Sunday, May 04, 2008

Donkey Poker Rules

I played a little donkey poker in the 3K PLO o8 tourney on Saturday bight and what do you know...I made the final table. I ruined my chance at top 3 when I made a play at the blind and had to call a push from a shorter stack. I had a good low draw and a couple of suites and some connectors but missed everything and got short. I fought hard and took a stand with JJ88 double suited and lost to AAxx. I lasted a long time and had fun until about 2:30 am. Problem was having to be at the ball field at 7 am on Sunday.

Tourney went well except the girls giving up a 4 run lead and ending the game in a tie as drop dead time came. If they win that game they would have played for the championship but instead had a game that didn't mean anything. I'm tired after getting about 3 hours of sleep and being in the sun all day. I look like a lobster.

Go to live poker radio and check it out. They are live at the Borgota.


Anonymous said...

free bet

is this similar to the THREE PKR poker version

gtycoon said...

You can't win em all but making the final table is just as good. As long as you are adding to your bankroll that's all that matters in poker. Keep playing consistently and making it into the money, that's all you want to do. Congrats on the final table!