Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Truckin and Skillz

What can I say. I have been published in Truckin and thus maybe someone else will read me and realize I don’t have a clue. If you remember back a month or so ago, my father had died and I left my soul out there for everyone to see. It wasn’t my intention to write something that would considered for something bigger like truckin but a few people said that I should send it in because they felt the pain I was going through and felt it was worthy. Looking back at the pain I felt and the emotions I went through I’m not sure I really wrote any of it. I was just describing the random thoughts that cluttered my mind as I tried to deal with the death of my dad. I think opening your soul and leaving it out there for the world to see is easy. Putting it into words that others can maybe empathize with will only be done if you do it freely and without regret. I’m not sure I could do it again. I also think that you need to read all five parts to understand the rollercoaster of emotion I experienced during that period of time in my life. Anyway, I am truly honored to have one of my stories posted on truckin and hope to have something worthy again someday.

Well the first official game for my son was last night. He is playing transition ball…they use pitching machines for pitchers…and every pitch was about eye high. He tried hard to hit the ball but it is hard to hit something that high. Anyway, it looks like the outs made at this level are strikeouts for the most part. The only put out of the game was on the last play. Someone hit a bal to my son and he picked it up tagged the runner for the last out of the game. Little stud boy.

Don’t forget the skills game tonight. It is Razz so I will be playing. Check out Full Tilt at 8:30 central in the private games. The password id skillz.

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