Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Day

Not much to say today. I played the skillz game last night but didn’t bring my skills with me. I had a bit of call down syndrome and gave away some chips. By the time it was over I was glad for the reprieve because I couldn’t keep my self in the game. I think I was on tilt a little.

It started with the 4K PLO tourney on Full Tilt. I stayed tight and tried to move up the board but my strong hands were missing. As we got down to the the final 60 players or so, I had a shortish stack but a double up would put me back into contention. 18 players are getting paid when I look down at TAA5 with one suit. I have 4K chips and after 3 limpers at 160 I make a pot size bet. I get one caller and we see a flop of 3h Kd 3d. I don’t have a lot I can do here other then check push or open pot bet. Now most players will realize that if a player raises pre flop this late in the tourney he has a big pair. So when I make the 2400 bet and he puts me in I figure he has a king or 2 pair. But, what he has is a diamond draw with the 2nd nut diamond and 2 under pair. It could be very easy for me to have a set of kings and or the nut diamond draw on the guy, especially if you have seen how tight I play. Anyway, his QQ77 wins out when he hits a 7 on the river and sends me home. I guess it isn’t that bad a call but I would have to think he knew he was behind with his QQ77 pre-flop. This was the beginning of the end for me.

From there are started to play stupid in the skillz game and ended my evening with a little Razz. I won about a quarter of a buy-in buy playing position on a loose player on my right. He liked to raise and fold if he missed or even fold if I hit. He was easy to read so I tried to stay involved when he was in a pot. I made a good layown on him when he hit a 6 and I had a 7. His action had changed so I knew he had to have made his hand. I could have done a little better except the short stacks kept beating me for their lives. Twice I put guys with less then 6 bucks in while I help 3 under a 5 and lost both times. One guy started with a 9 and the other had a T. I was running good there I guess.

Anyway, no poker tonight because of softball and baseball. We will be going for win number two in softball and trying to improve to 3-1 in baseball. Should be a good night.

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BamBam said...

Oh the game of RAZZ! Stoopid brings and even worse....

The short-stacks!