Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Dooooooookie Was Fun

I had the day from hell yesterday. I wont go into all the details but work was a pain in my ass. It started with issues in the morning that compounded as the day went on but by the end of the day I had most of it straightened out and ready to go.

By the time I left work I had just enough time to make it to Speedy’s semi-final game for her league tournament but I had the line-up ready to go and the girls were ready to play. They jumped out to an early lead and never surrendered it to move into the championship. There was a little gamesmanship going on as I put in our #3 pitcher in the 6th instead of the regular pitcher. My think was that we could only give up 6 run with her and save the better pitcher for the last inning when the could score 10. We had 2 out and were up by 4 when the time limit came up so we were safe until there were 2 runners. I put the better pitcher back on the mound and sealed the deal. I really proud of the girls as they have really worked hard to get better.

I arrived home a little before the Mookie started but decided to skip it. I wasn’t focused enough for that crowd so I jumped in a MTT instead. I stayed solid for much of the tournament time but I for got one thing…most of these players can’t fold a weak hand. I called a raise from the BB with QJ suited and the flop come 9TT. I check to see what he does and he makes a small continuation bet. I cold call with my open ended straight draw and wait for the turn. It is a 4 and though I may be behind I think I can push him off his hand. I check raise him 4 times his bet and he calls after a wait. Now I know he isn’t happy with his hand but he was willing to call so I put him on a medium pair that he cant fold. Anyway, the river is a blank and I bet out all-in and he calls with 79 for the best hand. I guess I misplayed this hand by betting on the river but I did have out and I’m not sure I would have called my check raise. So I go out in the top 25% of the field with nothing to show for it.

I had time to play a SNG before the Dookie and it was about what I expected. I stayed tight early and chipped up some when I hit quad 10s. I blinded down and made a steal with 43 suited to stay above starting stack and then I got pocket 10s again. The flop hiy me with a 10 with an A on the board so I bet my trips and got paid to move to 3700 chips. A few hands later I get KK and just call from the SB after it was folded to me. The BB was short stacked and I wanted to play for all the chips and not just take the blinds. The flop was QJ4 and I checked knowing that she would bet if she hit any part of the flop. She did and I busted her. I then raised another short stack with my 26 and he pushed for 400 more. I had to call vs. his A4 and I spike a 2 to take him out. Next hand I get KJ and raise another shorty and he calls with J9 and I bust another. I then get 99 and call an UTG push and his 44. Now heads up I took the last opponent down in about 6 hands. I was a total luckbox.

About this time the Dookie started and I realize it takes great skills to win a Dookie tournament. With the wonderful structure you can easily use mad post flop skills to out play your opponent. PLO hl was the game and I didn’t play a lot early. I kept my stack around starting level. After the blind got up a little I caught a hand of AKKQ double suited and raised it up after a raise to get all-in in a 3 way pot. My hand held up and I was sitting good. I got lucky when I flopped top 2 pair and caught a 3rd pair. I was behind in the hand with the flush out there but hit the boat on the river. This may have been a questionable call but with this structure you have to take a couple of chances. I would have folded the river if I missed. Anyway, I chipped up some more on a weak flush and then hit a nice pot with 2 pair to move into 2nd place with 6 players left. Then I started to bleed chips. By the time we got to the bubble I was down to 4K in chips and almost the short stack. When we got to the money I was way short and willing to gamble a little. I took a ¾ pot to chip up a little and then we were heads up. My buddy JJ had 28K vs. my 6K. He kept the pressure on and I got lucky when I flopped the wheel first hand to scoop. He still had me out chipped 2-1 but I took the lead when I rivered a full house vs. his trips. We split a few hands but then I folded the game winner when the board paired. I had the straight but put him on the boat. I got my chips back a few hands later with a straight and took it down with a boat and the low on the last hand. I have mad luckbox skills.

So it was a good day on the poker front. Tonight Softball E has a game and both the girls have games tomorrow with Softball E having a tourney over the weekend. So not much poker for me the next few days but maybe a late evening session on Friday.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Need to Chill

The frustrations of life are beginning to wear me down. The repeating cycle of bad beats has a tendency to change a person perspective and influence what they are really all about. I fit squarely into the middle of this obvious cycle of life.

How many times can you be beat down before you have to come up fighting?

I just have to remember that this is the first day of the rest of my life and quit being so up tight.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Confucius Says.

Confucius Says.


Virginity like bubble, one prick, all gone.


Man who run in front of car get tired.


Man who run behind car get exhausted.


Man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day.


Foolish man give wife grand piano, wise man give wife upright organ.


Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok .


Man with one chopstick go hungry.


Man who scratch ass should not bite fingernails.


Man who eat many prunes get good run for money.


Baseball is wrong: man with four balls cannot walk.


Panties not best thing on earth! But next to best thing on earth.


War does not determine who is right, war determine who is left.


Wife who put husband in doghouse soon find him in cat house.


Man who fight with wife all day get no piece at night.


It take many nails to build crib, but one screw to fill it.


Man who drive like hell, bound to get there.


Man who stand on toilet is high on pot.


Man who live in glass house should change clothes in basement.


Man who fish in other man's well often catch crabs.


Crowded elevator smell different to midget.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Craziness of Life and Dr.Pauly Goes Deep

It was a crazy weekend with poker, softball, piano recital and rain to keep everything up in the air.

I played a little poker on Friday night. I didn’t do a whole lot of any thing other then play a tourney and some sngs for a little profit. It was good in that I made a little money but I was sure of my focus so I kept the buy-ins small. I think I cashed in 2 of 4 sngs and won one of them. Like I said…nothing exciting.

We were up early on Saturday because Softball Enthusiast had a tourney that started at 8:00. That meant we were out of the house by 6:00 to meet up with the team and head to the ballpark. It was raining steady but as we got to the field the rain slowed down and even stopped for a while. The girls started warming up but the rain returned so they canceled all the morning games and sent us home to wait for a phone call. Eventually, all the games were called off and we got to spend a rainy day at home. So I fired up the poker machine and played a tourney. I moved into the top 10 at some point and stayed there for much of the tourney. As we approached the bubble I opened my game and put the smaller stack in a bind by raising a lot. I eventually got involved in a hand with a bigger stack and flopped straight He bet out and I hoy’d him for much of my stack and all of his. He called with trips and the board paired to knock me way down. We moved past the bubble and I worked hard to gain traction but got knocked out when I flopped an OESD with a flush draw and bottom pair so I pushed and didn’t catch. I really thought I was going to final table this event but it wasn’t to be. From there I play many sngs and improved my bankroll so it was a good day.

Sunday came and we left the house early for the tourney. We won the first game after SE ripped a single to right field, stole 2nd base and went to third on the over throw. She then scored on a base hit to win the game. In the second game she hit a home run in the last inning when they were only up by one and the flood gates opened as they scored 5 total in the inning.

From there we headed home for her piano recital and headed back to finish the tourney. We won a game while she was gone and we moved to the semi finals. This is the part that is messed up. Nepotism was the name of the game as the pitching coach had her daughter pitch against a top team. She had already thrown earlier in the day against a weak team but she doesn’t have the stuff to beat a good team. I think he found that out after she had given up 14 runs in 1 1/3 innings of work. Anyway, the other team had a girl throwing friggin hard but the girls did score a few runs but there was no way they were going to score 15. Overall they played well but I really question the thinking of the coaching staff. They wasted the #1 pitcher in the 3rd game vs. a team that wasn’t good at all and had to use this other girls against the good team…Stupid. So basically my daughter doesn’t pitch anymore because they need her to catch and play SS. These friggin idiots put a left handed girl at short stop this weekend…WTF. There is no way a lefty can play the position against the better teams. This isn’t t-ball.

SO last night I played a few more sngs and had some success until the end when I fell asleep during one of them. The lack of sleep over the last few days caught up to me and I gave away a buy-in. Overall, I cashed in just over 50% of the sngs I played and had a ROI of almost 40%. These are the numbers I expect and with a focused game will maintain. I probably wont play much this week but with luck will hit it on Friday. We have games every day this week but will calling it a season for Speedy and Baseball E. at the end of the week.

And congrates to Dr. Pauly who went deep in the $1500 donkament at the WSOP. He ended up in 119th place for a nice cash.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Mookie and a Little SNG Stuff

The Mookie was frustrating for m me last night. I gave away some chips early on a post flop steal but gave it up when I was check re-raised. I worked hard at getting some chips back when I was dealt KK in late/middle position. Most time I will raise with this hand but I tried for some deception and limped in hoping for a raise from one of the blinds or maybe the button. Anyway, the BB raises it and I push my 1K stack in the middle trying to take the pot down but happy to get a call. He called with AQ suited and hit an ace on the river to knock me out. There was so many different ways to play this hand that could have gotten me away but because I wanted the double up, I basically gave away the ability to play poker. If I raise, I’m sure he calls with his hand and I can possibly take it down after the flop with a continuation bet. That is probably the best way to play the hand. In essence I misplayed a great starting hand and got knocked out.

I moved on to a cheap MTT and made a nice run but got knocked out 6 from the bubble when I tried to convince my opponent his hand was no good. The flop was low card and I re-raised his continuation bet and eventually got it all in. His pocket tens held vs. my AJ and I went home. Here is another instance of misplaying my cards. I was trying to represent a set but he didn’t buy it. I could have made it to the money and would have had a chance to move up later but a screwed up play by me ended the night.

I also played two sngs and cashed with a third and a first so I still made money on the night but it could have been better. In the 2nd sng I ran over the table late as I used my big stack to hammer the other 2 players into submission. I raised with any two cards as they had even stacks and wanted the other to bust out first. When we got to the last two hands I was sitting on the BB for 800 and the button had 1000 total. The SB was in for 400 and had 270 behind. The button pushes and the SB folds so I call with my 94 for 200 more and bust him. The next hand I bust the other guy for his last 270. The aggressive play vs. two passive stacks was the difference. By taking advantage of their weak play I moved into a position that was dominant.

Speedy lost last night in a close game that went the distance. The lead changed hands many times and we took the lead in the top of the 7th but couldn’t hold on for the win. I give her a lot of credit for her play because she had shots at the doctors office earlier in the day but she played hard even though I could tell she was sore.

So after losing 10 straight sngs and only cashing in 1 of 13, I’ve turned it back around and cashed in 6 of my last 7. My cashing % is still over 50% but my return is a little low at 25%. I had to many 3rd place finishes and not enough 1st. So I’m sitting at ½ my high water mark with 40 sngs done. I’m still up 25% so I can’t complain.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Some Poker and Some Life

It was a good night on the softball front on Monday. Both girls had games and they both played well even though I didn’t get to see both games. Speedy’s team beat the first place team to all but lock up 2nd place. And Softball E’s in-house team lost by one but had a chance to win for the first time this year. They held the lead going into the bottom of the last inning but couldn’t hold on after 2 errors that scored runs.

On the poker front, I just got a check from Ultimate Bet after a long wait for the money. I had originally asked for withdraw in March and gotten a check a few weeks later but it was made out to someone other then me. So, after a complaint, they put the money back in my account and I asked for it again. That was in early April. So, about a week ago, I got an e-mail stating that there was an error made and that I would get the money within a week. I guess I’m happy to have gotten the money out but it sure took a long time.

Last night was a free night with no softball. You’d think I would be ready to play some poker but I abstained. Not because I didn’t want to play but because it was a day of relaxation that could be spent with the family. Now time spent with the family ended up me watching baseball, my wife reading a book and the kids playing outside but not playing poker was ok…I survived.

A funny part of the night was when Speedy came in and said that the neighbor boy called her a “stupid fucker”. He’ll be in 3rd grade in the fall and is always causing trouble in the neighborhood. His parents go through life with blinders on and blame everyone else for the trouble that their kids cause. Anyway, she asks me what I’m gonna do and I say “nothing, cuz your not” and she goes back out and plays. Now inside I’m pissed and ready to tear his head off but I wait for him to be away from the other kids and explain to him that if he ever says anything like that to my children he’s gonna get in trouble. I told him that I won’t tell his parents if he doesn’t do it again and he said ok. I made him give me a high 5 to seal the deal. We’ll see what happens. And I did tell my daughter that I talked to him about it and that she needs to tell me if he says it again.

I may try the Mookie tonight if I get home in time. It is Speedy’s last game before the playoff and the winner gets 2nd place and the loser gets 3rd. We’ve beaten this team the last 2 times we’ve played but they are a good team so I need to get the girls fired up to play. Anyway, we may go out after we win the game so the Mookie is in question tonight. I may jump onto Buddydank radio if they need a non-playing poker blogger to do some reporting.

Have a great day.

Monday, June 18, 2007

My Fathers Day Weekend and Poker

I spent Fathers Day weekend just like I would any other weekend. Starting Friday night I played on the poker machine and went very deep in the 7K guaranteed on UB. They best part of this tourney was I got no premium pocket pairs and has AK or AQ only a couple of times in the whole event yet I maintained a nice chip stack throughout the event with shitty cards. My tight image kept people honest and allowed me to chip up when the blind became profitable. My demise came when the SB raised me and I pushed with 88. It was near the bubble and it would all but cripple him if he called. He insta called with A3 and hit his 3 outer to knock me out. Now I guess he could have thought I was re-stealing with crap but I really like the idea of someone calling me there with that hand. I know I’m gold most of the time.

I also played a tourney on FT and chipped up early. Then I get to see a free flop with T9. The flop is 10 high and with one limper I think I might be good so I bet and get called by the limper. This could be a slow played set but I’m not to sure of it. Anyway, a 2 on the turn and I make a pot size bet and he pushed all-in. Like an idiot I call even though I know I’m beat as he flips over pocket 2s for the turned set. Questionable call by him and an utterly horrendous call by me for my tourney life. I would have still been above average if I fold but I had a major disconnect.

I also played a few SNGs and cashed in all but one to win back my losses for the night.

Saturday was a softball day for Speedy E. and her team didn’t disappoint. They have been playing great, 6-2 in their last 8 games, and are ready to make a run in the playoffs. After giving up 4 runs with no outs in the second with 2 on, I went to the mound and had a discussion on desire and playing hard all the time. They were playing flat but the talk turned them around. They gave up one more run the rest of the game and took it down easy. It’s funny how a few words of encouragement can turn around what appears to be a bleak situation. They have 2 games this week before starting the playoff next week.

After the game we headed up to Wisconsin and went fishing and spent the night at my in-laws cabin. The fishing was a little slow with the heat but we did catch a few nice fish. Anyway, we headed back home Sunday afternoon after a family day together.

When we got home I was presented with my fathers day cards and a t-shirt just before leaving for Softball E’s game. They played well and came from behind to beat a solid team for the second time this season. SE made a nice throw and threw out a girl trying to turn a double into a triple and knocked in the game tying run so over all it was a good day.

The end of the weekend saw me watching Surf go deep and watching Fuel win a spot to the WSOP main event. I did this while doing some writing so I didn’t get to play…boo hoo.

So congrates to Fuel and have a great day.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Playing Online

As an American poker player that plays online, any place that gives me information on places to play and ways to deposit gets my attention. US Poker Online is just that type of site.

One of the things I like about this site is the link for US Poker Rooms. They list many of the site that allow US players, though Ultimate Bet isn’t listed. There are also links to reviews so you can find the site that is best for you. And if bonus hunting is what you like to do the check out the list for sign up bonuses so you can chase to your hearts content. They also list the deposit options for each site so you can compare and pick the best one for you.

In this age of poker Pay Pal has been no existent for the most part but check out their link for Paypal Poker. The list is small with only 5 listed but it shows there is an alternative. The only real draw back is that it doesn’t work for US players. So for me it isn’t an option but for many others it works fine.

And finally, for those Mac users out there, there is a list of Mac compatible sites to choose from.

So, as you can see, there are many useful things for you on US Poker Online. Give them a try for your online poker needs.

This was a paid review.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I Hate Long Meeting

I'm, half way through an all day meeting that I'm running. I took heat for about 15 minutes but I should be clear for the rest of it.

Last night I was working on the presentation but needed a break so I checked a few blogs. I becames ill when I made it to this one because of the the bloated figure in the picture.

Softball E. seems to have recovered from her wrist injury and threw well last night. 10 Ks in 4 innings is solid and she threw her change up well. Speedy E. also won last night in a game that should lock up 2nd place. She has three games left plus the playoffs before her season is over.

Maybe I'll play a donkament tonight but I'm not sure. After a late night of work and getting to work 2 hours earlier then normal, I'm spent.

Anyway, have a great weekend and happy fathers' day to all the papas.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mookie, Buddydank Radio and Waffles

I actually played the Mookie last night. It was fun to play again and I did ok but went into my weak/tight shell and got run over after chipping up to a nice stack. Things didn’t start well as I bled chips at the beginning. It started with pocket 5s that I raised pre-flop with one caller. The flop comes AA4 and I check it to my opponent. He makes a pot size bet and I come over the top with a min raise to see if he has an ace or is just testing me. He calls. Now at this point I think I’m behind so I don’t want to lose anymore chips and when a Q hits the turn I check. The he checks which I thought was strange. The river comes with a 2 and we check it down. He had pocket jacks and I have less chips. I’m think that this was a pot I could have won. If I make a continuation bet on the turn or come over the top a little bigger then I may have taken it down. I made the right assumption that he didn’t have an ace but I didn’t press him into a fold.

At this point I got knocked down to 900 chips but gained some back with some raises until I tried to steal from the SB with a weak ace. I was called and made a continuation bet on a missed flop and had to dump my hand. Down to 755 chips I needed to chip up. I re-raised a limp from the BB to take a pot and stole some blinds to chip back above 1K when I got pocket jacks in the SB. It’s raised to me and I bump it to half my stack and get called. The flop is 10 high and I insta push hoping to induce a call and I get what I want as my opponent has 77 and I double up.

I spewed some chips on some missed flops when I look at 5d6d in the SB and call to see a 4 handed flop. The flop is 7A4 with 2 hearts so I’m thinking I’m behind with a nice hidden draw. It’s checked around and a wonderful 3 hits the board giving me the nut straight so I bet it out and get one caller. An 8 on the river and I make another bet and get called by AJ to move up to 2.6K. I was more then happy to see that ace slow played and think I probably call a bet by him after the flop if I was priced in.

So I tried to maintain my stack but took a hit when I folded pocket jacks to a big re-raise. I still had a stack and wasn’t ready for a coin flip or to get my money in way behind. I then doubled up with KK when I re-raised the small blind from the big blind and he called with J10. I lost some back with pocket 9s when an ace high flop hit and I had to fold to the pressure. Now at 3K I went completely card dead and passively folded into the night.

I know I made the final two tables but I don’t remember how I finished. I had one hand that I folded meekly near the end that I should have pushed when I had equity but I guess I wanted the deck to hit me in the face.

The I joined the Buddydank radio show and had fun with him and Sean as they commented on the non-stop suckouts that hit last night. And in the end Buddy and his lucbox took the Mookie down. 79 is the nuts heads up and he proved it last night. I guess my notes on him are right. Anyway, thanks guys for letting me on the air last night.


I was doing a search on waffles last night and I found this picture. I thought it might be photo shopped. What do you think?

I think this is the real waffles in action. He does have a post about donkey play so you tell me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Mookie the BBT and Work

Craziness is the norm as I prepare for the Management Review Meeting I’m holding at the end of the week. This is a day long meeting where management gets together and talks about how good or bad we are doing in relationship to ISO. Every quarter I ask for specific information that will be presented so that I can put an overall presentation together and thus a well run meeting. And as every other time I have people giving me the information at the last minute so I have to scramble to finish the job in time. Fun stuff.

Tonight is the Mookie so if you nothing to do then check it out at 9:00 central under the private tourney tab on Full Tilt. The password is vegas1. I am hoping to play tonight. It has been a long time since I last donated to the fine people that play this tourney, So many other things in life have gotten in the way that I haven’t played in at least a month. As a matter a fact, I have not played any blogger game in the same amount of time and thus I went from sitting solidly in the BBT to needing to take one of these down just to have a chance to play in the series final. I had pointed 5 of 6 tourneys I had played and if I kept that pace I’d be sitting good in 33rd place. I did some manipulation of the numbers by taking every player who had 6 or more events and averaged their points per game and took it out to 30 games to see the standings. This is of know real use other then to see what might have been had I played more.

The information below was manipulated without permission from the BBT.

As I sit now I need 150 points to move into 50th place and 200 to achieve 42nd. I don’t like my chances based on the time left. I know that in two of the events I went deep and took a hard beat to get knocked out with one of them on the final table bubble. I’ll do what I can with the little time I have left but I don’t think I can do it when I can only play maybe 4 more events. Maybe the organizers can figure out a way for others to but into the event with a token or some other buy-in to build up the pot with some dead money.

That’s it for today. Have a great day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Not much to post today. It was an uneventful evening other then having three games going on. A funny story with one game was when the coach from the other team asked how many inning our pitcher had thrown. The league says 3 innings per game and this question and it was during her 3rd inning. Our response was 3 and she said ”We’ll she’s throwing really hard and the girls from our team are scarred.” Good you douche bag. She is one of those coaches that has to have her kids play with her best friends kids. Of course those kids are three of maybe six good pitchers in the whole league. I don’t want to here you complain about anything.

Anyway, all three kids played well and we get to have tonight off for a change. I’m sure I’ll have something to do when I get home.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I Love poker So Much When it Sucks

Poker really sucks right now. I had a terrible night of running into coolers and losing to 3 outers that rivaled the worst I’ve seen. The frustration I felt as I ran kings into aces twice inside of 10 hands to knock me off of a nice payday just about put me over the edge. I was smart enough to quit playing before I did any damage but my poker ego was damaged pretty bad. The frustrating part of it was being top 20, near the bubble and running my first kings into aces. It was a solid stack that would have put me near the top. Ten hands later I get it all in vs. another solid stack with kings and his aces hold up. It sure can turn around fast. The crazy thing is that I hadn’t had the best cards to that point but I was playing a great game. I tested my opponents and convinced them to lay down some hands and also made some good lay downs my self. Well, that is poker and I will climb back on the horse soon.

I watched some of the 400K on FT last night and realized that it becomes a game of 2 card guts after it gets deep. The guy with the biggest nuts seems to be the winner in this event because there wasn’t any poker being played. At one point I looked at the previous 30 hands and noticed that only 5 flops were seen and only 2 went to the river. Now that’s poker.


Speedy’s team is on a roll. They have won 3 in a row and have moved into 2nd place. She went 5 for 5 and pitched well in her last game and overall the kids are starting to play a lot better.

All three kids have games tonight so it will be a crazy night. Baseball E. plays at 5:30, Speedy and Softball E play at 6:00. I’ll get to see Speedy play because I’m coaching while Mrs. PE will be at BE’s game. Softball E. can take care of her self and will be dropped off at 5:00 for her game because they have to warm up way before their games start.

Softball E. was complaining about her wrist hurting, non-throwing wrist, and we asked her to put the pain on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the equivalent of death. She said an 8. Now I’ve been through a lot of pain during my sports career and the only time I had something that high was when I blew out my ankle sliding into 2nd base. I couldn’t walk for a week and didn’t play for a 4 or 5 weeks. It was an 8 for about a day.

We’ll she practice yesterday and I wrapped her wrist with athletic tape. She was like a little baby as put the tape on her wrist and complained as she took some practice swings. I told her it was tendonitis and that it will be just fine…that it is just an inflammation of the tendon and that if she can take a little pain she’ll be just fine. After her first swing she realized dad did know what he was talking about and she hit the ball well. Advil and tape does wonders. Anyway, we’ll keep an eye on her wrist but I think it will be fine in about a week. Thankfully, she doesn’t play again until next week.

Have a great day.

Friday, June 08, 2007

1400 Donkeys

I have to say “way to go” to hoy who cash yesterday in the $1500 6-max event at the WSOP outlasted 1300 donkeys to take 106th place or something like that.

One more game tonight and we are done for the week. We do have a party to go to Saturday but most of the weekend will be spent working around the house.

I have nothing intelligent to say so have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Law Suit Against UIGEA

I read this and feel better. A law suit has been filed trying to restrain the UIGEA because it wants to limit the moving of money by financial institutions when the end result may or may not be legal. Read the link above for more.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Getting your Butt Kicked

No poker content what so ever.

The girls got their butts kick last night. Actually, they had their asses handed to them. It started off well when the lead off hitter knocked a triple over the right fielders head. The next girl grounded out but knocked in a run for an early lead. Softball E. walked and that just about ended the day. They didn’t give her a chance to steal 2nd base and the next girl grounded out to 1st base. If they let her steal she would have been on third. The pitcher then threw a wild pitch and she would have scored. Instead the inning was over after another ground out.

They gave up 2 runs during the bottom half of the inning after making a couple of errors. In the top of the 2nd inning they had runners on 1st and 2nd with one out. The coach sends the runners, both slow, and the lead runner is thrown out. Now there are two outs and a runner on second. Next girl walks so instead of the bases loaded and 1 out we have 1st and 2nd with 2 outs. Another wild pitch moves the runners up but the inning ends with a strike out.

The bottom of the 2nd saw and error by the center fielder when she tried to throw a runner out at first base. The next player bunts and the 2nd baseman doesn’t cover 1st. A walk loads the bases and then wham…a shot to left center field that makes it to the fence. The center fielder misses the cut off to give up 4 runs after all is said and done. They get out of the inning trailing 6-1.

Rinse and repeat for the rest of the game. After 2 innings the could have been tied, winning by 1 or behind by 1 but life and competition didn’t treat them well.

Softball E. played well. She pitched one inning and after a shaky start came back and threw a lot of strikes. She was pissed at the poor play and you could see it in the velocity of her pitches. She was throwing harder then I’ve seen her throw before. In the end they lost 15-3 in a game that could have been much closer.


I conducted another interview today. This guy was full of energy but had no CAD experience. Considering this position needs to work with CAD files I don’t think it will work. From what I’ve seen so far, most of the applicants are over qualified and thus won’t come work for us because we don’t pay well. I think I have an interview every day this week with people who don’t have what we are looking for. A sound use of my time.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

2007 WSOP

The World Series of Poker 2007 has started without me yet again. I was hoping to have a bankroll that could afford a buy-in this year but I can't swing it this time. I was hoping to play Razz or a $1500 buy-in hold'em tourney. I guess I should try one of the qualifiers on some site like bodog or something. Maybe next year.

Anyway, I started following the WSOP 3 years ago when Gregg Raymer won his title. I was hungry for updates and refreshed my screen when ever I had the chance. Back then the updates were not as fast as today but I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see who won. The next year I was at a new job but had access to all the updates for each event and could have told you the einner of a lot of the events. Last year I was unemployeed and followed most of the events.

This year I'll follow it like before and I'll be looking for a fellow blogger trying to make a run to a championship. I don't care which blogger but maybe someone will take one down.

So good luck bloggers and have fun at the WPBT summer classic.

It Rained So I Played

With the rain we had yesterday, all of the games were canceled. So instead of running around trying to get all of the kids to their games, I ran to my father-in0laws house and helped him with his computer. By the time I got home it was after 8:00 so I sat down and watched the rest of the Women’s College World Series. As someone who played the game I can relate to the emotion and speed of the game that they are playing. Other then March Madness, this is as fun to watch as any other college sporting event there is. In my opinion anyway.

By the time it was over and we got the kids to bed the Hoy had started so I watched a little of that and played in a PLO tourney. It was a short lived ordeal that saw me getting all of my money in with a nut flush draw, the 2nd nut flush draw in another suit, a gut shot straight draw and as it turned another 2 aces to give me the win. 24 outs and I miss them all. It may have been a little early but can I throw away my hand with that many outs? Maybe but if I double then I’m top 10.

After that I played a couple of SNGs cashing one and bubbling the other. Not a real exciting night but I did play a little.


Today I get to interview a couple of people for an open position we have at work. This will be the 3rd and 4th time I’ve done this over the last few weeks and even though I like being involved, it interferes with my day. How am I supposed to read blogs when I have to work?  Anyway, I get to go to Softball E’s game tonight which happens to be about 15 minutes from work so I can stay and get a little more done.

And thanks for the shout outs from Steve and George.

Have a great day.

Monday, June 04, 2007

May Sucked

Last month sucked. I had a negative ROI for the first time this year and it wasn’t even close. I did cash in 21% of the tourneys I played but my return was terrible. The real biggest reason for the low ROI was one bigger buy-in that I didn’t cash in but it was a bad month either way. Much of the down turn was caused by variance catching up with me and my inability to get away from hands that have missed the flop. My game started to come back to me near the end of the month but over all just 2 final tables.

In defense of my bad results I will say that I played about half as much as I had been playing so who knows what would have happened if I had played a little more.


I played very little over the last week as I was on a business trip and had many games and functions to attend after I got back. I finally played last night and did make a final table in a cheap tourney but got beat in 2 others. In one of them I was near the bubble and made a re-raise with AQ vs. when I knew it would be a coin flip at worst. My raise while significant (40% of her stack) was called with pocket 77s. The flop hit me right in the face with 2 queens but running clubs gave her a 4 flush and I went home near the bubble. In my other tourney I got knocked out after hitting TPTK and getting it all in vs. 2 other players. This wasn’t by choice but my re-raise push was called by bother players. They held AQ and A9 and when a 9 hit on the river I was done. No big deal in that they did have 6 outs overall.


During my business trip I had the afternoon off on Wednesday and I mad a suggestion to go to a museum in the area. One of the guys with us is from Japan and so I thought it would be nice to do something with our time. After naming a few of the places we could visit we decided on the Nation Atomic Museum. Now when I brought it up I thought it would be neat to go see this because it was of interest to me. When we got there they announced that their last documentary of the day was about to begin so we headed to the theater to see what was in store for our viewing please. The movie was about the making of the atomic bomb.

I felt a bit strange watching a movie about atomic bombs while sitting with 2 people from Japan. They watched with interest and after the movie, I just had to ask what their feelings were considering they were from the country that we bombed the crap out of. The one guy was 2 years old when we dropped the bomb but had no bad feelings at all. And they both talked about how the people of Japan wanted the war over. They saw it as a way to end a war that nobody wanted.


We have a week of softball/baseball craziness so I probably wont get any play in. All three kids play tonight with games at 6:00, 6:45 and 7:45. Tomorrow will be one game at 6:00. Wednesday is two games, at 5:30 and 6:00. Thursday is one game at 6:00 and Saturday is a 9:30 am game. Throw in graduation parties and our week/weekend will be full.

Have a great day.