Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Dooooooookie Was Fun

I had the day from hell yesterday. I wont go into all the details but work was a pain in my ass. It started with issues in the morning that compounded as the day went on but by the end of the day I had most of it straightened out and ready to go.

By the time I left work I had just enough time to make it to Speedy’s semi-final game for her league tournament but I had the line-up ready to go and the girls were ready to play. They jumped out to an early lead and never surrendered it to move into the championship. There was a little gamesmanship going on as I put in our #3 pitcher in the 6th instead of the regular pitcher. My think was that we could only give up 6 run with her and save the better pitcher for the last inning when the could score 10. We had 2 out and were up by 4 when the time limit came up so we were safe until there were 2 runners. I put the better pitcher back on the mound and sealed the deal. I really proud of the girls as they have really worked hard to get better.

I arrived home a little before the Mookie started but decided to skip it. I wasn’t focused enough for that crowd so I jumped in a MTT instead. I stayed solid for much of the tournament time but I for got one thing…most of these players can’t fold a weak hand. I called a raise from the BB with QJ suited and the flop come 9TT. I check to see what he does and he makes a small continuation bet. I cold call with my open ended straight draw and wait for the turn. It is a 4 and though I may be behind I think I can push him off his hand. I check raise him 4 times his bet and he calls after a wait. Now I know he isn’t happy with his hand but he was willing to call so I put him on a medium pair that he cant fold. Anyway, the river is a blank and I bet out all-in and he calls with 79 for the best hand. I guess I misplayed this hand by betting on the river but I did have out and I’m not sure I would have called my check raise. So I go out in the top 25% of the field with nothing to show for it.

I had time to play a SNG before the Dookie and it was about what I expected. I stayed tight early and chipped up some when I hit quad 10s. I blinded down and made a steal with 43 suited to stay above starting stack and then I got pocket 10s again. The flop hiy me with a 10 with an A on the board so I bet my trips and got paid to move to 3700 chips. A few hands later I get KK and just call from the SB after it was folded to me. The BB was short stacked and I wanted to play for all the chips and not just take the blinds. The flop was QJ4 and I checked knowing that she would bet if she hit any part of the flop. She did and I busted her. I then raised another short stack with my 26 and he pushed for 400 more. I had to call vs. his A4 and I spike a 2 to take him out. Next hand I get KJ and raise another shorty and he calls with J9 and I bust another. I then get 99 and call an UTG push and his 44. Now heads up I took the last opponent down in about 6 hands. I was a total luckbox.

About this time the Dookie started and I realize it takes great skills to win a Dookie tournament. With the wonderful structure you can easily use mad post flop skills to out play your opponent. PLO hl was the game and I didn’t play a lot early. I kept my stack around starting level. After the blind got up a little I caught a hand of AKKQ double suited and raised it up after a raise to get all-in in a 3 way pot. My hand held up and I was sitting good. I got lucky when I flopped top 2 pair and caught a 3rd pair. I was behind in the hand with the flush out there but hit the boat on the river. This may have been a questionable call but with this structure you have to take a couple of chances. I would have folded the river if I missed. Anyway, I chipped up some more on a weak flush and then hit a nice pot with 2 pair to move into 2nd place with 6 players left. Then I started to bleed chips. By the time we got to the bubble I was down to 4K in chips and almost the short stack. When we got to the money I was way short and willing to gamble a little. I took a ¾ pot to chip up a little and then we were heads up. My buddy JJ had 28K vs. my 6K. He kept the pressure on and I got lucky when I flopped the wheel first hand to scoop. He still had me out chipped 2-1 but I took the lead when I rivered a full house vs. his trips. We split a few hands but then I folded the game winner when the board paired. I had the straight but put him on the boat. I got my chips back a few hands later with a straight and took it down with a boat and the low on the last hand. I have mad luckbox skills.

So it was a good day on the poker front. Tonight Softball E has a game and both the girls have games tomorrow with Softball E having a tourney over the weekend. So not much poker for me the next few days but maybe a late evening session on Friday.

Have a great day.

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Congrats on the win!