Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Mookie and a Little SNG Stuff

The Mookie was frustrating for m me last night. I gave away some chips early on a post flop steal but gave it up when I was check re-raised. I worked hard at getting some chips back when I was dealt KK in late/middle position. Most time I will raise with this hand but I tried for some deception and limped in hoping for a raise from one of the blinds or maybe the button. Anyway, the BB raises it and I push my 1K stack in the middle trying to take the pot down but happy to get a call. He called with AQ suited and hit an ace on the river to knock me out. There was so many different ways to play this hand that could have gotten me away but because I wanted the double up, I basically gave away the ability to play poker. If I raise, I’m sure he calls with his hand and I can possibly take it down after the flop with a continuation bet. That is probably the best way to play the hand. In essence I misplayed a great starting hand and got knocked out.

I moved on to a cheap MTT and made a nice run but got knocked out 6 from the bubble when I tried to convince my opponent his hand was no good. The flop was low card and I re-raised his continuation bet and eventually got it all in. His pocket tens held vs. my AJ and I went home. Here is another instance of misplaying my cards. I was trying to represent a set but he didn’t buy it. I could have made it to the money and would have had a chance to move up later but a screwed up play by me ended the night.

I also played two sngs and cashed with a third and a first so I still made money on the night but it could have been better. In the 2nd sng I ran over the table late as I used my big stack to hammer the other 2 players into submission. I raised with any two cards as they had even stacks and wanted the other to bust out first. When we got to the last two hands I was sitting on the BB for 800 and the button had 1000 total. The SB was in for 400 and had 270 behind. The button pushes and the SB folds so I call with my 94 for 200 more and bust him. The next hand I bust the other guy for his last 270. The aggressive play vs. two passive stacks was the difference. By taking advantage of their weak play I moved into a position that was dominant.

Speedy lost last night in a close game that went the distance. The lead changed hands many times and we took the lead in the top of the 7th but couldn’t hold on for the win. I give her a lot of credit for her play because she had shots at the doctors office earlier in the day but she played hard even though I could tell she was sore.

So after losing 10 straight sngs and only cashing in 1 of 13, I’ve turned it back around and cashed in 6 of my last 7. My cashing % is still over 50% but my return is a little low at 25%. I had to many 3rd place finishes and not enough 1st. So I’m sitting at ½ my high water mark with 40 sngs done. I’m still up 25% so I can’t complain.

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