Monday, June 25, 2007

The Craziness of Life and Dr.Pauly Goes Deep

It was a crazy weekend with poker, softball, piano recital and rain to keep everything up in the air.

I played a little poker on Friday night. I didn’t do a whole lot of any thing other then play a tourney and some sngs for a little profit. It was good in that I made a little money but I was sure of my focus so I kept the buy-ins small. I think I cashed in 2 of 4 sngs and won one of them. Like I said…nothing exciting.

We were up early on Saturday because Softball Enthusiast had a tourney that started at 8:00. That meant we were out of the house by 6:00 to meet up with the team and head to the ballpark. It was raining steady but as we got to the field the rain slowed down and even stopped for a while. The girls started warming up but the rain returned so they canceled all the morning games and sent us home to wait for a phone call. Eventually, all the games were called off and we got to spend a rainy day at home. So I fired up the poker machine and played a tourney. I moved into the top 10 at some point and stayed there for much of the tourney. As we approached the bubble I opened my game and put the smaller stack in a bind by raising a lot. I eventually got involved in a hand with a bigger stack and flopped straight He bet out and I hoy’d him for much of my stack and all of his. He called with trips and the board paired to knock me way down. We moved past the bubble and I worked hard to gain traction but got knocked out when I flopped an OESD with a flush draw and bottom pair so I pushed and didn’t catch. I really thought I was going to final table this event but it wasn’t to be. From there I play many sngs and improved my bankroll so it was a good day.

Sunday came and we left the house early for the tourney. We won the first game after SE ripped a single to right field, stole 2nd base and went to third on the over throw. She then scored on a base hit to win the game. In the second game she hit a home run in the last inning when they were only up by one and the flood gates opened as they scored 5 total in the inning.

From there we headed home for her piano recital and headed back to finish the tourney. We won a game while she was gone and we moved to the semi finals. This is the part that is messed up. Nepotism was the name of the game as the pitching coach had her daughter pitch against a top team. She had already thrown earlier in the day against a weak team but she doesn’t have the stuff to beat a good team. I think he found that out after she had given up 14 runs in 1 1/3 innings of work. Anyway, the other team had a girl throwing friggin hard but the girls did score a few runs but there was no way they were going to score 15. Overall they played well but I really question the thinking of the coaching staff. They wasted the #1 pitcher in the 3rd game vs. a team that wasn’t good at all and had to use this other girls against the good team…Stupid. So basically my daughter doesn’t pitch anymore because they need her to catch and play SS. These friggin idiots put a left handed girl at short stop this weekend…WTF. There is no way a lefty can play the position against the better teams. This isn’t t-ball.

SO last night I played a few more sngs and had some success until the end when I fell asleep during one of them. The lack of sleep over the last few days caught up to me and I gave away a buy-in. Overall, I cashed in just over 50% of the sngs I played and had a ROI of almost 40%. These are the numbers I expect and with a focused game will maintain. I probably wont play much this week but with luck will hit it on Friday. We have games every day this week but will calling it a season for Speedy and Baseball E. at the end of the week.

And congrates to Dr. Pauly who went deep in the $1500 donkament at the WSOP. He ended up in 119th place for a nice cash.

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