Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Some Poker and Some Life

It was a good night on the softball front on Monday. Both girls had games and they both played well even though I didn’t get to see both games. Speedy’s team beat the first place team to all but lock up 2nd place. And Softball E’s in-house team lost by one but had a chance to win for the first time this year. They held the lead going into the bottom of the last inning but couldn’t hold on after 2 errors that scored runs.

On the poker front, I just got a check from Ultimate Bet after a long wait for the money. I had originally asked for withdraw in March and gotten a check a few weeks later but it was made out to someone other then me. So, after a complaint, they put the money back in my account and I asked for it again. That was in early April. So, about a week ago, I got an e-mail stating that there was an error made and that I would get the money within a week. I guess I’m happy to have gotten the money out but it sure took a long time.

Last night was a free night with no softball. You’d think I would be ready to play some poker but I abstained. Not because I didn’t want to play but because it was a day of relaxation that could be spent with the family. Now time spent with the family ended up me watching baseball, my wife reading a book and the kids playing outside but not playing poker was ok…I survived.

A funny part of the night was when Speedy came in and said that the neighbor boy called her a “stupid fucker”. He’ll be in 3rd grade in the fall and is always causing trouble in the neighborhood. His parents go through life with blinders on and blame everyone else for the trouble that their kids cause. Anyway, she asks me what I’m gonna do and I say “nothing, cuz your not” and she goes back out and plays. Now inside I’m pissed and ready to tear his head off but I wait for him to be away from the other kids and explain to him that if he ever says anything like that to my children he’s gonna get in trouble. I told him that I won’t tell his parents if he doesn’t do it again and he said ok. I made him give me a high 5 to seal the deal. We’ll see what happens. And I did tell my daughter that I talked to him about it and that she needs to tell me if he says it again.

I may try the Mookie tonight if I get home in time. It is Speedy’s last game before the playoff and the winner gets 2nd place and the loser gets 3rd. We’ve beaten this team the last 2 times we’ve played but they are a good team so I need to get the girls fired up to play. Anyway, we may go out after we win the game so the Mookie is in question tonight. I may jump onto Buddydank radio if they need a non-playing poker blogger to do some reporting.

Have a great day.

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