Monday, June 04, 2007

May Sucked

Last month sucked. I had a negative ROI for the first time this year and it wasn’t even close. I did cash in 21% of the tourneys I played but my return was terrible. The real biggest reason for the low ROI was one bigger buy-in that I didn’t cash in but it was a bad month either way. Much of the down turn was caused by variance catching up with me and my inability to get away from hands that have missed the flop. My game started to come back to me near the end of the month but over all just 2 final tables.

In defense of my bad results I will say that I played about half as much as I had been playing so who knows what would have happened if I had played a little more.


I played very little over the last week as I was on a business trip and had many games and functions to attend after I got back. I finally played last night and did make a final table in a cheap tourney but got beat in 2 others. In one of them I was near the bubble and made a re-raise with AQ vs. when I knew it would be a coin flip at worst. My raise while significant (40% of her stack) was called with pocket 77s. The flop hit me right in the face with 2 queens but running clubs gave her a 4 flush and I went home near the bubble. In my other tourney I got knocked out after hitting TPTK and getting it all in vs. 2 other players. This wasn’t by choice but my re-raise push was called by bother players. They held AQ and A9 and when a 9 hit on the river I was done. No big deal in that they did have 6 outs overall.


During my business trip I had the afternoon off on Wednesday and I mad a suggestion to go to a museum in the area. One of the guys with us is from Japan and so I thought it would be nice to do something with our time. After naming a few of the places we could visit we decided on the Nation Atomic Museum. Now when I brought it up I thought it would be neat to go see this because it was of interest to me. When we got there they announced that their last documentary of the day was about to begin so we headed to the theater to see what was in store for our viewing please. The movie was about the making of the atomic bomb.

I felt a bit strange watching a movie about atomic bombs while sitting with 2 people from Japan. They watched with interest and after the movie, I just had to ask what their feelings were considering they were from the country that we bombed the crap out of. The one guy was 2 years old when we dropped the bomb but had no bad feelings at all. And they both talked about how the people of Japan wanted the war over. They saw it as a way to end a war that nobody wanted.


We have a week of softball/baseball craziness so I probably wont get any play in. All three kids play tonight with games at 6:00, 6:45 and 7:45. Tomorrow will be one game at 6:00. Wednesday is two games, at 5:30 and 6:00. Thursday is one game at 6:00 and Saturday is a 9:30 am game. Throw in graduation parties and our week/weekend will be full.

Have a great day.

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TripJax said...

That must have been an awkward moment for a bit. Glad it worked out okay.

Hate you can't make the Hoy tonight. If plans change, get your ask there!