Monday, June 18, 2007

My Fathers Day Weekend and Poker

I spent Fathers Day weekend just like I would any other weekend. Starting Friday night I played on the poker machine and went very deep in the 7K guaranteed on UB. They best part of this tourney was I got no premium pocket pairs and has AK or AQ only a couple of times in the whole event yet I maintained a nice chip stack throughout the event with shitty cards. My tight image kept people honest and allowed me to chip up when the blind became profitable. My demise came when the SB raised me and I pushed with 88. It was near the bubble and it would all but cripple him if he called. He insta called with A3 and hit his 3 outer to knock me out. Now I guess he could have thought I was re-stealing with crap but I really like the idea of someone calling me there with that hand. I know I’m gold most of the time.

I also played a tourney on FT and chipped up early. Then I get to see a free flop with T9. The flop is 10 high and with one limper I think I might be good so I bet and get called by the limper. This could be a slow played set but I’m not to sure of it. Anyway, a 2 on the turn and I make a pot size bet and he pushed all-in. Like an idiot I call even though I know I’m beat as he flips over pocket 2s for the turned set. Questionable call by him and an utterly horrendous call by me for my tourney life. I would have still been above average if I fold but I had a major disconnect.

I also played a few SNGs and cashed in all but one to win back my losses for the night.

Saturday was a softball day for Speedy E. and her team didn’t disappoint. They have been playing great, 6-2 in their last 8 games, and are ready to make a run in the playoffs. After giving up 4 runs with no outs in the second with 2 on, I went to the mound and had a discussion on desire and playing hard all the time. They were playing flat but the talk turned them around. They gave up one more run the rest of the game and took it down easy. It’s funny how a few words of encouragement can turn around what appears to be a bleak situation. They have 2 games this week before starting the playoff next week.

After the game we headed up to Wisconsin and went fishing and spent the night at my in-laws cabin. The fishing was a little slow with the heat but we did catch a few nice fish. Anyway, we headed back home Sunday afternoon after a family day together.

When we got home I was presented with my fathers day cards and a t-shirt just before leaving for Softball E’s game. They played well and came from behind to beat a solid team for the second time this season. SE made a nice throw and threw out a girl trying to turn a double into a triple and knocked in the game tying run so over all it was a good day.

The end of the weekend saw me watching Surf go deep and watching Fuel win a spot to the WSOP main event. I did this while doing some writing so I didn’t get to play…boo hoo.

So congrates to Fuel and have a great day.

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