Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mookie, Buddydank Radio and Waffles

I actually played the Mookie last night. It was fun to play again and I did ok but went into my weak/tight shell and got run over after chipping up to a nice stack. Things didn’t start well as I bled chips at the beginning. It started with pocket 5s that I raised pre-flop with one caller. The flop comes AA4 and I check it to my opponent. He makes a pot size bet and I come over the top with a min raise to see if he has an ace or is just testing me. He calls. Now at this point I think I’m behind so I don’t want to lose anymore chips and when a Q hits the turn I check. The he checks which I thought was strange. The river comes with a 2 and we check it down. He had pocket jacks and I have less chips. I’m think that this was a pot I could have won. If I make a continuation bet on the turn or come over the top a little bigger then I may have taken it down. I made the right assumption that he didn’t have an ace but I didn’t press him into a fold.

At this point I got knocked down to 900 chips but gained some back with some raises until I tried to steal from the SB with a weak ace. I was called and made a continuation bet on a missed flop and had to dump my hand. Down to 755 chips I needed to chip up. I re-raised a limp from the BB to take a pot and stole some blinds to chip back above 1K when I got pocket jacks in the SB. It’s raised to me and I bump it to half my stack and get called. The flop is 10 high and I insta push hoping to induce a call and I get what I want as my opponent has 77 and I double up.

I spewed some chips on some missed flops when I look at 5d6d in the SB and call to see a 4 handed flop. The flop is 7A4 with 2 hearts so I’m thinking I’m behind with a nice hidden draw. It’s checked around and a wonderful 3 hits the board giving me the nut straight so I bet it out and get one caller. An 8 on the river and I make another bet and get called by AJ to move up to 2.6K. I was more then happy to see that ace slow played and think I probably call a bet by him after the flop if I was priced in.

So I tried to maintain my stack but took a hit when I folded pocket jacks to a big re-raise. I still had a stack and wasn’t ready for a coin flip or to get my money in way behind. I then doubled up with KK when I re-raised the small blind from the big blind and he called with J10. I lost some back with pocket 9s when an ace high flop hit and I had to fold to the pressure. Now at 3K I went completely card dead and passively folded into the night.

I know I made the final two tables but I don’t remember how I finished. I had one hand that I folded meekly near the end that I should have pushed when I had equity but I guess I wanted the deck to hit me in the face.

The I joined the Buddydank radio show and had fun with him and Sean as they commented on the non-stop suckouts that hit last night. And in the end Buddy and his lucbox took the Mookie down. 79 is the nuts heads up and he proved it last night. I guess my notes on him are right. Anyway, thanks guys for letting me on the air last night.


I was doing a search on waffles last night and I found this picture. I thought it might be photo shopped. What do you think?

I think this is the real waffles in action. He does have a post about donkey play so you tell me.

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TripJax said...

Love the picture.

You may not remember the way I went out of the mookie last night, but it bears a little thought. I was the small blind to your big blind. We were getting beaten down by Astin raising our blinds every single time. After the 4th or 5th time, I resolved that I was going to do something about it, no matter what cards I have, if the situation came up again.

Like clockwork, the blinds were getting up there (240 bb) and he raisedd it to 720. I knew if it folded to me I was all-in no matter what i had. Turns out I had 4 high(woot!), with a 3, but they were sooooooooooted. I pushed in around 2,700 I think.

My thinking was i just couldn't let him destroy my blinds non stop and every once in a while he has to have air. My chipcount was enough to rid him of anything but a strong hand and I can pick up a much needed 1000+ in chips. I could also show him that i won't allow being pillaged of chips if he folds, by showing him my 4 high.

Of course, he has KK and I'm....poof...gone in a flash.

Oh how great it sounded in my head, but oh well. I think I do the same thing next time though. I just think you can't be afraid to battle someone when you think they are aggressively attacking your blinds. He may not have been, but my level of thinking was that he was. And he was playing it quite well I might add.

Anyway, this might be the longest random ass comment you've ever received. I guess I don't have to post it on my blog now.