Monday, July 02, 2007

A Weekend Trip to Remember With Lots of Breaking News

It was a weekend of craziness as we sat around the softball field.

Friday night was the championship game for Speedy E. and as we entered the 7th inning we were only down a couple of runs and had the top of our line up coming to the plate. The girls came out swinging and hit the ball hard but in the end we came up short. I can’t complain to0 much about 2nd place and I know they girls had fun and they all got better so it was a good season.

Softball E. had a tourney that started on Friday night and they started out with a 16-5 victory. SE had 2 hits and play her steady game at SS.

Saturday morning we headed back to the tourney for an 11:30 game. During the first inning there was a high pop up and SE camped under it. At the last second the ball moved into the sun and she missed catching the ball with her glove but caught it with her nose. As Mrs. PE and I sat behind home plate we waited for her to get up off the ground to confirm that she was ok. Then we saw the blood gushing from her nose and we dashed onto the field to come to the aid of our injured child. We moved he to the bench and saw a little gash on the bridge of her nose and blood was flowing like a water fall from her nostrils. We left our son and dog with parents of the team and rushed her to the emergency room that wa but 4 minutes from the ballpark.

Once inside, she was inspected by the on-call doctor and had a session of x-rays done that showed a small chip had broken off. Nothing more needed to be done with that so it was a matter of a couple of stitches and we were on our way back to the field in under an hour. The doctor said she was lucky that it bled like it did because losing all that blood would keep her eyes from swelling a lot. She didn’t play anymore that day but the girls picked her up by winning that game and tying one later to earn the 2nd seed on Sunday.

Sunday morning came and she was ready to play. No real swelling and both eyes were clear so she wanted to play. The team went 3-0 to win the championship and she played with no ill effects from her injury. The first play she got was a pop-up the she moved under and caught without any issue. Once she got by that we felt a lot better and knew she’d be fine. She even ran into a player knowing that it was interference play and knowing she’d get an extra base. It was a heads-up play made by a gamer.

On the way home from the tourney our van broke down and we had to have it towed. It was a great weekend for all of us.

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