Monday, July 23, 2007

Best in State

It was a weekend to remember in many ways.

I turned 40 on Saturday and though that is not a monumental task, it is a milestone that will not be forgotten. Softball E. had a tournament that happened to be a state tourney as in the winner is the state champ. So we headed out early Saturday morning and her team played her games and the coaches took the players to see a movie after they were done. This meant that all the parents were lucky enough to check into the hotel and hang around the pool while our other kids swam. And while they swam, we drank…and drank…and drank. It was a great time and we were all feeling good about how the girls started the tourney. When the kids got back we ordered some pizza and they surprised me with a cake and singing “Happy Birthday”. I got a call from Okie-Vegas and did a shot over the phone and went to bed kind of early because we had an early game on Sunday.

Of coarse when I went to bed, the room next to our started having a party with kids screaming and swearing. This wouldn’t have bothered me except that it was past midnight and it actually sounded like they were in my room. And when the sounds from the neighboring room is to loud to hear Sports Center then I have an issue. It eventually died down and I woke up with no hangover but maybe a little crabby.

Sunday the girls did what they had to do and ended up winning the tourney and the State championship for their division. The highlight was hearing my daughter’s name called for the all-tournament team. She had a great tourney batting almost .700 with the highlight being the homerun she hit for the game winner in one of her games. It was a great weekend.

When we got home Sunday night I opened some gifts, including a pizza maker that I had talked about a month or two earlier. I never thought I would like one of these but after seeing one in action it became my gift if choice and my family came through with flying colors.

Thanks Mrs. Enthusiast. I love you bunches and even though I can be an idiot sometimes I do appreciate the things you do.

Moving on…

Now that the season is over we have to prepare for next year. SE has one week off before heading to tryouts. There are four teams on the list, including the one she plays for, and basically she will be going like crazy for the next few weeks. She has to go to two tryouts a day on the 11th and 12th and one on the fourth and 5th. Then we will see which teams she makes and make a choice.

Speedy E. is going to tryout for the local 12U travel team in two weeks. She improve a lot this year and she wants to play like her sister. I think she can make the team but it will be tough. They have a solid team and all the girls are returning. We’ll see what happens.


23skidoo said...

Happy B-Day Dusty! You were missed in okie-vegas.

Congrats to your daughter too!

surflexus said...

Happy Birthday!!!