Monday, July 09, 2007

I Forgot About Razz

I made a few deep runs over the weekend and the difference was the amount of focus I had. I came up just short of the money in one when I raised to isolate a small stack. I held AK and I knew the shorty would push with almost anything like a weak ace. So I push and a mega stack calls with 68 sooooted and hits a flush to send me to the rail. It was only 10% of his stack as he was getting hit in the face with the deck so I guess I can’t blame him. Anyway, I had another deep run into the top 50 of a different tourney so overall my NL game was solid. I did get lucky at one point when I called a raise and busted AA with my 44 when I hit a straight.

I also jumped back into the Razz tourney I like to play and just missed a final table. I have stayed away from that tourney for the last couple of months but now realize I need to go back to it. I also had a real nice run in Horse to end the evening last night. The only bad tourney I had was a money maker because I split my action with Surflexus and he cash while I floundered with KK seeing ace high flops and none of my pocket pair hitting sets. The best hand of the night may have been T8 sooted when I flopped an OESD and the flush draw. I bet out with all my outs and took it down.

I had an off weekend softball wise for a change. So we went to see a movie Friday night and went to a wedding on Saturday. So with all this time left to our disposal what do you think we did? Yard work…no. Lounge around and do nothing…no. We went to the ball park and watched a friend’s daughter play ball. We did the same thing on Sunday. Our one weekend away from the game and we still had to be around the action. We are softball whores.

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