Friday, July 27, 2007

A Job is a Job?

I had the job interview yesterday and met with Dana the HR lady. She had that whiskey and cigarette kind of voice that you here from women who spend most of their life sitting on a bar stool in dive bars looking for their next husband. She was a pleasant person and asked some outstanding questions so I think she may have been fighting a summer cold. Anyway, after 40 minutes of tough questions I gut to meet Julie who could become my boss if I end up with the job.

Julie had the position in question before being promoted and thus I would be replacing her if I got the job. She had the un-nerving ability of avoiding eye contact and speaking with her eyes closed when I was trying to show interest in her redundant questions. She reminded me of a blond Olive Oil without the charm and charisma. Will I be Popeye, coming to her rescue by eating a can of spinach when she needs help with a problem.

The position has some attraction to me. My role will be much more defined with specific tasks instead of random request that have nothing to do with my job description. It would be a slight step back but would offer me a chance to move up and to control quality at a corporate level. All-in-all I think I’m over qualified and that they won’t give me a sniff at the position even though I felt the interview went very well. We’ll see what happens.


I spent much of my evening sitting in a meeting at church. As Moderator of the Church I have to run monthly council meetings and attend other meetings as required by circumstance. I have 5 more meetings before my tenure is over and I can’t wait. It has been a great experience but I’m ready to get away from it for a while.


It is Friday so I will probably play a little tonight. You’ll find me playing A few low buy-in tourneys like the $5 HORSE and maybe a couple of $5 NL ones. I’m thinking of a tourney challenge where I’ll play 20 $5 tourneys and see where I’m at when it is over. These are real donk events so I should fit in just right.

Have a great weekend.

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