Friday, July 20, 2007

Ethics...What Do I Do?!

So what do I do.

I was asked to coach the 14U travel team for YYBS, the governing board for baseball and softball in my town. This is the same group that gave me the chance to run the 12U travel team last year before handing it to a friend of the program for this season. Anyway, the current 14U coach was the only person to put there name into the hat and the board decided they don’t want her running the team next season. So I know become a friend of the program.

When I was first contacted about this opportunity I was excited to have a chance at running a team again. But after reflecting I realize that the reason Softball E. is playing someplace else this year is for the same reason the asked me to coach, in a sense. You see, there is a protocol that should be followed. You need to put in an application and have the board vote on who will run the team. They informed me that I didn’t have to apply and only had to meet with the executive portion of the board to be approved. Now if you remember back a year ago I was running the 12U team bur was circumvented from coaching this year by the coach of the 10U team who went to the board and said none of the girls who moved up would play for anybody but her.

So, what is going to stop this from happening again? I don’t want constraints placed on me and how I am going to coach these children. The whole reason they want to replace the existing manager is because a board members daughter didn’t get to play as much as he would like. Hell, his daughter was one of the players who kept SE from moving up. When he called me about the position, he complained about his daughter only playing right field and pitching. In truth, his daughter isn’t that good and the only reason she pitched and made the team was because he was a board member. It sounds like sour grapes but it is a fact. I’m not willing to compromise my integrity by have daughters of the program make the team even if the are not good enough. Every child is given a chance to play but playing on a travel team should be earned…not given because your father is a board member.

Now it is time to make the decision and I think I have to turn it down. I don’t like people circumventing the system. The system was put into play to avoid these situations and it is being ignored. If they had asked me a month ago to but my name in the hat I may have done it because then I could have filled out an application and gone through the proper steps but now I have to say no.


I’d like to say congratulations to surf on chopping 1st place in a live tourney down in Tunica. He was on an epic journey with tripjax to the famed Okie-vegas event and met up with DB for a mid trip poker frenzy. Way to go man.


Tomorrow is my birthday and I will spend it like I have spent the last 20 or so birthdays. I will be at a softball tourney. The only difference is I wont be playing for a change. I will be turning 40 tomorrow and ready for the next 40.

As far as poker goes, I will start again next week after my WoW trial is over. I have come to the realization that I am not addicted to poker but addicted to action. I would have no problem switching time consuming endeavors to a game like this. Is there room in my life for a WoW blog?

Have a great weekend.

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