Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fantasy Sports Live

Check out this new site. It isn’t a gambling site but does allow you to play fantasy sports against other people for money. Fantasy Sports Live allows you to use your skills vs. other people in contests every day and gives you the chance to take the big prize. There are many different versions of fantasy sports and though it is baseball season now, they will have other sports as these playing seasons change.

Check it out and use the bonus code “pokere” to get a free $10 instant bonus when you deposit $50, $20 for a $100 deposit and $30 for a $200 deposit. These are instant deposits and can be use right away. If you decide to withdraw your funds before using the deposit the you will lose it so the only obligation you have is to bet the amount of the bonus. Not a bad deal.

So if you like fantasy sports you have to try Fantasy Sports Live and win like the pros.

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