Tuesday, July 03, 2007

SNG Challenge So Far

So, I started my sng challenge earlier this year and I’m in positive numbers. I took a look at some of my tendencies and would like to throw them out for comments.

To start I’d like to look at VPIP. I’m sitting at just under 20% at this point. I think this is a solid position and reflects a tight early game strategy that opens up in later rounds when the blinds go up. Do you think that this is a good number or should I work on mixing it up a little more?

I’ve also looked at first in raises and I’m sitting at 4%. I think this may be a little low but it is also and indication of tight early round play. I am less likely to play a marginal hand early in a sng then later when I can put maximum pressure on my opponents. Should this number be higher.

My aggression factor is just under 3.0. I like to have this number a little higher but I think that this is workable. The final number is being influenced by a lower pre-flop aggression number. My post flop aggression is very consistent. Should my aggression factor be higher?

Overall, I think I’m playing a solid game that needs a few tweaks. Many of the numbers I have are influenced by the type of table I’m on. If I’m at a passive table then I raise more but I tighten up at a loose table. And with the levels I’ve been playing it is more than likely that a table will be loose so my numbers should be tighter.

Tonight I will dissect my tournament play for the first 6 months of the year and see how I’m doing. As for cash games, I don’t play them enough to make it worth my time.

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slb159 said...

You're VP$IP is fine. Let the idiots bash each other's brains in for a while as you fold, fold fold.

As for the other things, i don't keep track of any of my stats (although I should), but a 4% open raise percentage just means your not getting good cards.

Yes, there are those that will recommend open raising with any two when it's folded around to you, but in the early stages of an SnG, are you gonna raise 24o or 35o with the blinds not mattering much. I don't think so.

Seems like you're doing fine, just work on the small tweaks you need to work on. I'm sure as hell trying to do so, albeit with marginal results.

Gl at the tables