Wednesday, July 18, 2007


When I got home last night I didn’t have any intention of playing poker. I was going to play WOW with waffles and have a great adventure. But on the way home I talked to Surf and he told me about a link to watch the final table of the WSOP so I fired up the laptop when I got home and got the link from SLB. So as I watch I fired up a $5 MTT and then signed up for a Horse MTT. Then Surf convinces me to play The Monkey on Stars so I go from not playing to being over loaded. So let us start with the first tourney.

I chipped up nice and had a better the double stack after the first 30 minutes of play. The best hand was catching an over flush vs. a guy who doubled me up nice. I made a few plays at pot but started to dwindle down a little when I find kings in the SB. UTG limps and all fold to me. I throw a 4x raise out there trying to take it down or get heads up but the BB calls as does UTG. The flop is 10 high but semi coordinated so I tank a bit on how to play this. I put UTG on AQ, AJ, KQ,KJ and maybe QJ. I figure the BB to hold a small pocket pair. I push to make myself look weak and to protect against a gut shot cuz these monkeys will call with gut shots. Anyway, the BB folds and UTG tanks. After using most of his time bank he call. What do you think he held? AQ or should I say the nuts? I’m ahead to 3 aces or running cards. So after a good start and a great opportunity to chip up I’m done when and A hits the river.

As for The Monkey tourney, I climbed the ladder slowly but made a bad play vs a short stack when he value bet me and I felt he was weak. It was a weak hand but just stronger than mine. Anyway, I chipped back up and on the final table bubble I get KJ on the button and raise it 3x and the SB calls. The flop is Axx and he bets out. Now I’ve made this play before with a weak ace so I re-raise him thinking he has to fold a weak ace to my pre-flop raise. He pushes his chips in and I have to call for value and he did have a weak ace. It was still better tan my hand but I’m not sure I could call there. So I end up on the Final table bubble.

On to Horse and what a game. I play patient solid poker and moved up us the game went along. A little before the bubble I called a raise in stud while holding a version of the stud hammer as in 772. 4th street pairs my 2 and 5th street gives me a boat and I bust the guy to move into the chip lead. On the bubble I lost a big chunk of chips when I had an OESD, flush draw and a draw to the low in stud h/l but it didn’t come in. If I win that hand I am way out in front but instead I have to fight to get to the money. I cashed and got my money in with the best hand but was out drawn.

After that I played some WOW and leveled up my new character so waffles and I can play tonight.

Also, this is the last weekend for softball for a while. There may be a fall league but we’re not sure yet.

Have a great day.

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