Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Little Tourney Fun and More

I played a little on Tuesday night. Full Tilt was down so I jumped onto UB and found a tourney that just took off. I sat on the waiting list for about 10 minutes and I was in the game. During the second orbit I got AA and won a nice pot when 4 players called my 1st raise of the tournament. I bet out on the flop and all folded. The very next hand I look down at KK and realize that something is wrong and that I will probably go broke on this hand. I don’t go broke and bust a guy in the process. I chipped up nice and decided to open another tourney. It was one of their bounty tourneys and if I bust 2 players I’ll get my buy-in back.

So with two tourneys going on I chip up in both. In the first I make some moves with my growing stack and move into the top 15. I eventually lose my stack on a stupid play when I slow played trips and ran into a river straight. He called my bet after the flop when I held 44 and when the 4 hit the turn I checked hoping to check raise. He checked and when the river gave 3 to a straight, 6 high I check raised him into losing my stack and his 2,3 off suit. I’m not sure this guy would have fold his open ender but I should have minimized my losses.

In the other tourney I moved up and up and busted 6 player until I ran into my nemesis. He had my number and I gave him most of my stack twice. I was sitting in 8th place when I gave him my first set of chips. After chipping back up I gave him another stack and he became the chip leader and I went home.

I also played a couple of SNGs but had trouble staying awake so I quit for the night.

We went to the Chicago Bandits game on Tuesday night. They are a professional fastpitch softball team based in the Chicago land area and have Jenny Finch and Vicki Galindo from the National Team on their roster. It was a group outing for Softball E’s team and all the girls had a blast. They got autographs from many of the players and had a good time hanging out.

That’s it for today. Have a great day.

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