Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Poker and FSL

The little bit of poker I’ve played lately has been non productive. I’ve been stuck in this limbo where I don’t go up or down but spin in a circle and get nowhere. I’m also in one of those fazes that sees me making the correct call time and time again and seeing my efforts thwarted by random chance. For example, I’m in the BB with a nice stack and a short stack pushes. I call getting better than 3-1 with AT vs. J8 and lose. I chip back up and call the same short stack getting better than 3-1 with Q9 vs. 79 suited and lose. I get my chips back and call another raise by the short stack getting 5-1 with 23 vs. AQ. All of these are the correct play with my stack vs. my opponent yet I lose them all. Someone finally busted the dude but it wasn’t me. Anyway, I did cash but it was a frustrating game.

Fantasy Sports Live is going strong and I think it is a great idea. I’ve been playing with the $10 I got for free and though I’m not winning much I am making some headway. With the different types of games you can play you have the ability to research the way you want to. I like the low cap games because it makes you look at the younger players who don’t have huge salaries. I also like the idea of having the $1 specials. This allows new players to try out the game without having to risk a lot of money. If you want to give it a try click on the link to the right and make sure you use bonus code pokere to get your free $10 with a $50 deposit. Also, you are under no obligation to spend any of the $50 you deposited…you can play with the $10 they give and withdraw the $50 after you have played the $10. It is a no risk possible reward scenario. I’ve played close to 20 events on that initial $10 and have a full slate of game to day so give it a try.

I really have enjoyed play on FSL. It is getting me back into the game in ways I haven’t been in years. I’m learning more of the players and have an interest in many more of the games.

That’s it for today. Have a great day.

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