Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Made a Final Table...It's been a While

I had forgotten what it was like to make a final table. I had also forgotten what it felt like to make it deep in multiple events on the same night. At the same time, I had forgotten how to change up my game to make going deep possible.

The key to making deep is being aggressive and passive and making good reads and getting lucky. If you can do all of these you have it made.

This is a great example of the luck needed at time. The action was such that I saw the flop for cheap. With trips on the flop he checked and I bet bigger then pot to push out a 4 flush draw and he called. I could have thrown the hand away if he pushes but with his call I get to see another card. The 4th club scares me but he checked so I saw a free river card. The beautiful case 5 hits and he makes a value bet into me. I know he has a flush but is it big enough to get him to call my push. He called and I doubled up.

This hand put me into a position to go deep. I had made a decision to play pocket pairs for cheap every time and I got paid well. I hit a set five different times but threw away the mother of all pocket pairs when I got pocket 3s. I would have quadrupled up if I had stayed in the hand but the action dictated a fold.

Oh well. Have a great weekend.

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