Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The All-Star Game and Some Poker

Last night was going to be a non poker night except for the rain that canceled both of Softball Enthusiast’s games. We have an easy dinner at home and I settle in for a night watching the homerun derby on ESPN. But then the wife and kids head to a friends house and my degenerate minds says” lets play poker” and I fall into the trap.

I started well in Razz by hitting some hands early and moving into the top10. I maintained my stack well into the second hour and waited for the hand that would put me into the big stack arena. But it never came. My stack slowly dwindled and my big draw bricked as I left meekly a table or so from the money. I worked hard and made a few good reads but catching cards late is much better than catching cards early.

I also play one cheap tourney and had a nice stack but couldn’t make it to the money. I felt like I opened up my game some and this helped but I could get any traction. I eventually got knocked out when my 99 lost to A7 when my opponent flopped 2 pair. I was on the small blind and over bet a medium stack, knowing I’ll call a push. I will make this play at this stage every time.

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Tonight I’ll watch the All-Star Game and that is about it. Mrs. PE is working so I will cook dinner and take care of the kids. Yes I can cook and take care of the kids.

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