Friday, May 02, 2008

Summer is Almost Here

Christ…I was starting to wonder if I would ever write again. I can tell that it is ball season because I have no time to do the things I do the rest of the year. With that being said, I have not played as much lately. Maybe two days a week at best and that is about it. I’m not missing it to much but the shakes are starting to go away as my body fights the addiction.

Mrs. PE has applied for a new job. It isn’t like she was tired of driving kids on a school bus but with all our kids going to school full time next year, she decided it was time to get a full time job. And what is it she maybe doing soon if all goes well? She will be a dispatcher for 911. Sounds like an interesting job and she will get government benefits so she has that going for her. Of all the candidates that applied, she was one of five that got an interview for the three spots they are trying to fill. Good luck Mrs. PE.

In other news, Speedy E is going to tryout for a travel softball team next weekend. They will play a couple of tourneys after the in-house season is over and hopefully be the precursor for next years 12U travel team. This was a brainchild of mine to try and get more interest in travel ball for the younger girls so I hope it goes well.

As for Baseball E, he is playing transition ball and having a lot of fun. He is one of the youngest kids in the league because we moved him up but he fits right in with the older kids. It is so fun watching him dive around and slide into bases like he knows what he is doing. The funniest part was getting him a cup to protect his manhood. He walks around the field holding his crotch just like a ball player should.

Softball E is in a funk. She hurt her wrist but came back from that. Then she sprained her ankle and hasn’t really been able to play because of it. She ended up with a high ankle sprain and if you know sports, high ankle sprains are the worst. It turned black and blue and with her low tolerance for pain, it has been a long road to recovery. She has started throwing a little but it starts to hurt if she is on the mound for to long. She still can’t run very well but she is trying hard to heal. She is going to try and throw a couple of innings tonight but she isn’t going to hit or play in the field. If all goes well, she may pitch a whole game on Sunday.

Work sucks. I had an all day ISO meeting last week that I had to run and this week I had to do a presentation for the sales force. The worst part of the presentation was that my boss kept adding things he wanted covered and then threw a business trip into the middle of my preparation time. I finished it with plenty of time to spare and it went well but it put a crimp into my blog reading time.

So for the PE family, the weekend will be filled with picture day on Saturday as well as other normal everyday stuff. Throw in some Softball practices and games and we’ll maybe get the lawn mowed…If I can get it back from the lawnmower guy who is fixing random problems with my riding mower.

Have a great weekend.

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