Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Skillz

Wow…two weeks in a row I cash in a skillz game. Now this doesn’t show that I have any skill at all other then ran into some hands at the right time.

I hit my first semi big hand of the tourney after floundering between 2900 and 3700 chips. I made a call with suited connectors in the bb vs. a raise from middle position. I flopped a gut shot and check raised the continuation bet that came and induced a fold. My second big hand came when I turned a double belly buster and a flush draw and induced a fold when I bet out. I think it was a steal gone bad on his part or he didn’t want to lose all his chips on 2nd or 3rd pair. The next hand I get AT and raise it up from the button. I had raised the bb a few times and he finally got tired of it. He used up most of his time bank before coming all in over top of my raise. I was getting a little better then 2-1 so I make the call. I did think about his range of hands and put him on ATC as a re-steal and was right when he turned over 83 off suit. My hand held up and I move to 7.4K. A bit later I look down to see AAKJ suited diamonds and raise it up. Both blinds call and the flop comes Qc 3s Td. The sb checks and the BB fires out a pot sized bet. I have any AK or J giving me a straight so I figure I have 8 outs twice if I’m behind 2 pair plus any 3 threes gives me two pair so I re bump it to isolate. Sb folds and the BB calls. He flopped 2 pair but I hit my straight with the nut re-draw to a flush and it holds up to get me to over 14K. I finally took a hit when I my QQ into AK and a river K almost crippled me. Down to 3K I hit a hand and moved back to 8K and waited for the final table bubble to burst.

When it burst I had 1K left but more then doubled up and then tripled up to move to 6K. Another double and I’m back to 13K but I give some away and continue to go up and down. With 8K left I raise it up and get all in with Donkette. We had the same hand but she caught better and sent me home in 8th. It was a lot of fun and I think I played well. I may have been a bit to passive in PLO but I like to see flops and try to out play players after the flop by having the nut draw.

Prolly no Mookie for me tonight but maybe the Dookie. The Riverchasers is next on my list so I’ll see you there.


bruce said...

You guys should try Littlewoods Poker. I've been playing there for a few weeks now and there are a lot of fish. Especially if you like playing a omaha poker game as lots of the players seem to try it but don't really know what they are doing.

maikaljj said...

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