Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Super User Account Facts

We have had stories of super accounts at different poker sites, accounts that can see the whole cards or maybe even have a way of attracting the cards they need to win hands. There has been some basis for truth for this and I think I have proof that the random number generators in the world may be faulty and that they are being influenced to do what is in the best interest of the organization that is using them for their needs.

It all came to me last night as I was driving to my daughter’s concert. I was listening to the NBA lottery draft show and realized that it isn’t any different then poker. All these teams have a percentage chance of getting the top spot with the better teams getting only 1.7% chance of winning the top spot. So, as they read off the name I realize that some small market teams get passed by and then it happens…The Chicago Bulls are guaranteed a top 3 spot.

Now I arrived at my destination before the show was over but I was sure of the outcome. You see, the Bulls were expected to compete for the championship after having a couple of good years but fell flat on their face. Being that the Bulls are from a big market, it makes a lot of sense that they get a top college player.

When I got home last night I turned on ESPN and waited to hear the news. And there it is…The Bulls have the top spot in the 2008 draft. Talk about a suckout. That’s is a one outer on the river and they got their money in bad. How is it that they get the luck? The NBA has influenced the number generators and given a team in need a chance. We all know that the Bulls can generate a lot more income for the NBA than lets say Milwaukee.

It is just another example of a super user account.

Go Bulls

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lightning36 said...

Don't worry - the Bulls will somehow find a way to screw this up.

Anonymous said...

This would make sense, except what about the year the Raptors drafted Chris Bosh? They had the first pick after a half-decent year and I'm guessing they don't generate a whole lot of money for the NBA.