Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bow Tied

Well I have to say that I’ve gotten some reaction from my last post. I thought it would be nice to show how the id, ego and superego war with each other and that it can really mess with a teenagers head. Now it has been a lot of years since I was a teen but I can recall much of what I went through with clarity. I think the emotions of the time help imbed these pictures into a caricature of the truth as we embellish life in our memories.

As for the story, it is true as I remember. There are things I have left out, mainly because of the space needed to write it down, but the tale is accurate beyond a doubt. “Kathy” was and is still in the area but I have not seen her in years…but we still laugh about the incident when we see each other. “Dale” was in my wedding but I have not see or heard from him in 13 years or more. I know he has been divorced and lives within 10 miles of me but quit returning calls at some point so I have lost touch. I have no clue what happened to “Wendy”. She was an underclassman and so I have no reason to stay in touch.

So with being in truckin and writing this last story, I went to Technorati and checked out who had linked it or me up. It isn’t something I do a lot but my traffic jumped and was just seeing where some of it came from. I ran across a site called Taylor Bow Revenge. So as I am sitting at work during lunch, checking these sites out, it pops up. A picture of an attractive girl and a link to What I Knew?. It’s kind of weird because it looks like she has frosting on her face and so I look around to see what other stories there are on the page. That’s when I see a giant cock on the left side of the page. I look at the picture again and realize that is not frosting on her face.

And now you know…the rest of the story.

Go to http://www.livepokerradio.com/

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