Wednesday, October 31, 2007

400, Razz and Pimping

Blog post number 400 today. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

My Razz skills have been coming up short in tournament play lately. I played the Razz Sat, for FTOPS event #2 last night and chipped up a little early but ran into a wall of bricks that kept falling on my starting hands and left me wondering how varience can run so bad. Examples of my skills are like this.

[Ac 2s 3d Ah] [Jh]
[5d 3d 4d 5c] [3h]
[2c 4d 3h 9c] [Kd]
[6c As 8h] [Qs]
[Ac 8d 5h] [Ts]
[5h 2d 3s 5s] [3d]
[4d 7d 3s Td As Th] [4c] Opponent made a 9 on 7th street
[4c 5d Ad Jc] [Ts]

Now I had a few hands that held up but I kept my stack even with semi steals and from winning 3 hands of notice. The real killer hand was when the guy caught a 9 on 7th street to all but cripple me. I had a nut draw type hand and bricked the last 2 cards. If I win there then I have a great shot but instead I lose about 1000 chips and have to get all my chips in on any above average hand...and then brick. It was frustrating in that I never got the traction I wanted. I did have a nice conversation with spiderjeff. He is leading the FTOPS sat challenge for Razz and gave him an invite to the next KORD tourney in November. We both got knocked out of the Razz sat by the same guy a couple of hands apart and got seated next to each other in the $75 token race a little later. Seemed like a cool guy and I look forward to playing with him again. I also sat at a table with him in the first sat I played in when I got the $115 cash instead of the seat. He may be the true KORD.

Later in the night I played in a half blogger Razz sng with waffles, jusdealem, and surf. This little $1 sng lasted forever but eventually jusdealem took the crown over waffles. I think I owe waffles .77 in a last longer bet because that was all he had left.


Don't forget to play the mookie, the dookie and the spookie on Full tilt tonight. the mookie (9:00 central) and dookie (10:30 central) use the password of "vegas1" and for the spookie (10:59 central) you need to use "tragedy". I'm not going to paste the pictures because I'm to lazy today.


jusdealem said...

Tough break with the bricks in the Razz sat. That game can be so frustrating sometimes!

I had so much fun playing the sng with you guys! My backdoor win came out of nowhere. I surely didn't see that coming. LOL

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

When the bricks start a fallin, build a house.

When you least expect it, you will watch them brick out.

Keep your head up!


SirFWALGMan said...

The odds from a well played hand vs a badly played hand are not all that different in Razz this is why it drives people so insane.