Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just Last Longer

I just finished up a Razz sat. for FTOPS event #2. There were some very good player in the vent but the cream came to the top as I made the final three players and was sure of the $115 cash and a a 67% chance at a seat. I was the short stack by a little bit but the bring in bet was 400 with an ante of 100 I think. Anyway, I had the bring in 5 of 6 hands and got very short. I chipped back up and almost even with 2nd place but ran into a tough hand where we both had a made 9 but his was one better. That was the death blow and I left with a wimper the next hand. I held the chip lead for much of the tourney but started catching pairs and face cards. I wait for my chances and stayed close to my chip stack but could gain any leverage like I had when I held the lead. I played we'll and will go earn another token and try again.

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