Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Means One More Day

Japanese Italian was good last night. It is different than anything I’d find back at home but it tasted fantastic. I had shrimp and mushroom spaghetti in a marinara sauce with an Asahi beer and as an appetizer we had some pizza. The pizza was the size of a dinner plate and is the typical serving size here. A little bit to small for a fat American like me.

So after dinner I fired up Full Tilt and played a hold’em MTT and a Razz MTT to kill time before I headed to bed. Neither was a big field so my time commitment was small and I was ready to rip. The hold’em tourney was terrible early. I was card dead and I blinded down slowly with a few steals here and there to keep me from dropping to fast. In the 2nd hour I found 88 in middle position and I pushed the limper in front of me in hopes of buying some chips or winning a coin flip. The problem was the cut off calling and the button pushing all-in behinds me. Everyone folded to the button as he flipped over aces. But an 8 hits the flop and I triple up. I held my own from that point on and as we approached the money bubble I had a nice stack and was sitting in 10th place overall. Then the big stack raised from early position. He had been raising a lot and I put him on a weak ace. Normally I might just raise here but I want his chips and a top 5 spot so I push. He calls with his A3o and hits a 3 on the flop. I had a flush draw and a straight draw as well as any of the remaining 3 kings for the win but I missed and went home 2 from the money. I like my play because he is an idiot for calling of 70% of his stack with A3.

Razz was Razz. I stayed alive and moved up and down before taking the chip lead with maybe 12 players left. I was brutalized by a suck out but came back and made it to the final table as one of the short stacks. I stayed patient and focused and battled hard to move up and took the chip lead with 5 players left. The blinds were huge and any hand could bust any one of us. Anyway, I ended the game in 2nd place and another Razz final table.

On Saturday Morning I’ll be playing for a few hours. That will be Friday night for all of you Americans back in the states so look for me on the tables or on the chat box and I’ll tell you about my trip.


I just got back from dinner and it is 11:00 pm Friday night. We went out for Shabu Shabu and drank Asahi and Sake. I learned about Wabi Sabi, a Japanese tradition when drinking sake and how you ask the person poring your drink to stop filling. I had a great time and called it an early night. I leave Saturday at around 6 pm and get back to Chicago around 3 pm on Saturday. Time travel is great.


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Poker, Great Japanese food, and having work pay for the trip.

Sounds like PE, you had it made this week. I know you have probably been working hard and the wife and kids miss the hell out of you.

Or they could be mourning having to clean up the "While Dad's away , we get to play" party they had :-)


jusdealem said...

The shrimp and mushroom spaghetti sounds mmm mmm good. Thanks for making me hungry!

Nice job in the Razz tourney.