Monday, October 22, 2007

Choking on a KORD and Going Deep

Friday night was a great night for Razz as 22 players showed up for the blogger Razz event, The KORD Classic. Her are the Players that showed up.

It was a hard contested battle as these player work for position to become the KORD. Overall the event last just under 3 hours which might be a record for a field of this size. And the play was much better than the nightly Razz tourney that takes place on Full Tilt at 8:45 central time.

In the end we had some super make the final table.

A fine collection of want to be KORDs. You will notice that the self proclaimed KORD is on the final table. But things didn't go as I wanted them to go and I got knocked in 6th.

The final four looked like this. I have no idea who ZZZ is but he played well but came up short.

And the cashers.

And here is how they finished.

Being the lazy ass that I am I didn't thank everyone at their blog but I do thank everyone for come and having some donkey fun. I have a banner in honor of the new KORD up in the next couple days. I need to find a picture of some donkeys first.


As for the rest of my weekend of play I final tabled the $2 rebuy on FT. I got knocked out on this hand when I knew he was full of crap and any ace would be ahead. This guy was the suckout king. He hit hands like this many times and got rewarded by luck.

It was still a nice little payday that ended around 3 am Sunday morning. At least I had 3 1/2 hours of sleep before I hd to get up.


jusdealem said...

I normally don't like my picture taken...but I gotta say, my 'fro was lookin' pretty good there...

It was a lot of fun and thanks for trying to help me understand this crazy game a little better. :)

JL514 said...

Thanks for hosting PE, message me on Yahoo when you get the next banner up and I'll definitely give you some pimpin!