Thursday, October 04, 2007

Semi-Naked Poker Can Be Hard

Semi-naked poker is leaves you vulnerable…I found this out. I played a HORSE tourney last night and bubbled the final table. I had one hand that made the difference in going deeper and going home. In hold’em I had A8 in the small blind and folded when I was getting something like 5-1 to call. The flop was 8Q8 and I would have won a huge pot and been right at the chip leaders heals.

After HORSE I jumped onto a $25 nl table and stayed about even for a long time. The deck hit me in the face when an opponent raised and I re-raised with my AK to isolate. The flop was KQx and he bet out. I reraised and he re-re-raised me and I called. I don’t think he does this with trips so the possibility is that he holds KQ or a strong K…maybe a draw with AJ or JT. The turn is x and he bets out again for the pot. What do I do here? I push with TPTK like an idiot and he calls with KQ. I spike the ace on the river to suck out huge.

I chipped up some more when I get dealt AA and raise it to .75. A caller comes along and the SB re-raises to$3.50. I want to isolate so I bump it again to $10 because I know this guy will call. The caller folds and the SB bumps it to about $17 or so. At this point I know he’ll call the push and he does with his QQ. After the hand I’m back to my starting stack and pissed. So I’m even in the suck out department and up a few bucks overall. I grinded for a while longer and walked away up about half a buy-in.

I took some video of the ride to the plant today. As we approached the plant and the narrow streets leading to it we hit a bump and I got a blue screen. The file was still there after I rebooted but the file was messed up and I lost the video. I’ll try again tomorrow.

We have a machine technician coming in to show us how to run a new machine we are buying today. After that I have a meeting with some of the quality people on site and then we will go over some printing ideas and methods so we can help some of our customers back home.

I’m not sure what is for dinner tonight but I’m sure it will be great. I’m hoping for some Japanese-Italian. The seafood pizza here was good last time and I think I would like to give it another try.

Two more days and I’m on my way back home.

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