Friday, October 26, 2007

Just a Bit More

I guess my post went a little too far yesterday. I didn’t mean it to be as harsh as it was because I try to give my experiences in a way that can be used to improve my game as well as anyone who knows less than me about poker. The list of people who know less is small but it is here for them anyway. So, the whole point of yesterdays post was to express that calling there was not the best action in my opinion and it is just my opinion. I think it is a fold or push spot because of the chip stacks involved. I could have been making a play at the initial raise and a push could cause me to fold even with a hand like AJ. A fold is also a solid option in that you conserve chips on a hand that is less than optimal. Calling leaves you with no information and needing a great flop in order to do anything other than a straight bluff. I don’t know…maybe I played it wrong. I’ll take any input anyone wants to give.

It is Friday and thus I will be playing tonight unless something comes up. I heard a rumor at home that a trip to the movie theater might be in the books but it was only a rumor.

I also have my presentation today for the CEO of my company. He flew into the states last weekend and hopped on a plan to Brazil with my boss and arrived back here last night. I’m sure he will be tired and surly so this should be fun.

The weekend will be a little more back to normal in some ways. Baseball E. has a soccer game on Saturday but that is all we have planed for the day. That means doing yard work in the afternoon and maybe an early dinner with me cooking on the grill. Sunday Mrs. PE and I will be playing Softball E's team in a parents/kids game. I'm sure my arm, legs, back and just about every other part of my body will be killing me on Monday morning.

Thats all folks...nothing more to read here...move along and check out some of the great blogs on my blog roll.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the call yesterday PE.

Everything is ok. Just a bit tired.

Hoping life is treating you ok and the meeting with the CEO goes swimmingly!

Keep me in touch!


Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

hell, i wasn't even in the hand, and I was more harsh than you in my posts about that hand. It isn't personal, its just some of the plays you see and taste in poker...wwwwweeeeeeeee.

BWoP said...

It starts to get personal when you start calling people names regarding a hand that didn't even involve you and based on assumptions that are purely your own.

I am perfectly fine with the discussion that PE and I had about the hand. And I can understand why he would have been upset about it (hence the "I feel dirty"). I even think that were it not for the donkiness of the bloggerments in general, there's no way I'm making an initial raise with that hand, let alone calling a re-raise. We have to adjust to our surroundings sometimes, and sometimes that leads you to a bad conclusion.

But, the takeaway is that PE and I both now understand where the other one is coming from.

That sort of constructive dialogue is one of the best things about being part of the blogger community.

The rest of it is just bluster.