Monday, October 01, 2007

Day 1 is Complete

It is Monday afternoon in Japan. I spent way to many hours sitting on a plan watching movies, playing computer games and reading a book that isn’t holding my interest yet. There was a celebrity on board if you could say a sumo wrestler is a celebrity. He actually bought two seats for the flight so that he didn’t smother the person sitting next to him.

I made the trip from the airport to my hotel without any problem. The bus ticket counter was easy to find and I took a small nap on the way to my hotel. I called my wife’s cell on Skype for .021 per minute and talked to her for a bit before going to bed.

I woke at 3:30 this morning well rest and ready to go. I called home and got play-by-play of my daughters game for 2 cents a minute and played poker for a while. I watched surf make a nice run in a couple tourneys and chatted with waffles as he worked on his bankroll management by short buying into some nl cash games. I eventually cleaned up and had breakfast before my ride picked me up and drove me to headquarters. A little before lunch I headed to the plant and spent the day there going over a few things and taking a plant our. I remembered many of the people I saw last time I was here and even knew where to turn many times. I have the memory of an elephant.

It’s now almost 6:00 and we are getting ready to head out for dinner. Not sure what it will be but it really doesn’t matter. I’m hungry and tired and will hit the sack after I call the family at around 7am central time Monday morning…even though my day will be coming to a close. I’m sure I’ll be up by 5am ready to play poker.

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Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

PE, Glad to hear you made it there safely.

Keep in touch.

Do you remember the first time I called you what I was doing and where from?

How about that elephant boy!