Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mookie Madness

Wow, what a night. The donkeyness that is the Mookie took off with 112 players and I was ready to make a run. I started of chipping up slowly by winning some small pots and felt good about my game. I got AA early but didn’t get paid so my tight image was keeping people from getting involved. The few times I did get callers they folded to my bets. When I later look down at KK I anticipate a chance to double when there is an over bet in front of me by ck31 who has 2500 chips. I re-raise it to 800 and he calls leaving himself 1700 back. He has now committed 25% of his remaining stack and almost 33% of his pre-flop stack to this hand. The flop is 468 with 2 hearts and I bet out 960 or a little over half of his remaining stack with the knowledge that I will call any push. He pushes and flips over KJ of hearts. We all know a heart is going to come and he takes a big chunk of chips from me. Now I’ve seen ck31 play before and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the skills I saw. Most people will realize that they are behind before the flop after a big re-raise and not risk 1/3 of there stack early in a tournament. I’m glad there are players out there that continue to do things like that because they are the ones who have given me the nice ROI I have for the year. I guess Fuel may be right that some bloggers need to learn to throw away hands. Anyway, I chipped back up with aggression and got back over my starting stack but lost traction. The blinds started to eat me up so when there was a raise at my BB from the button, I pushed with J6 suited figuring the player would fold the 70% of his stack raise I threw out there unless he had a premium hand in which case I would have live cards. He flipped over the powerful A9 but and A on the flop killed me and I went home.

I also played the Dookie and made the final table but missed the cash by a couple spots. I eventually went to the cash tables and won back my buy-ins for the night so I guess it was a night of staying even. I’m beginning to like the 25NL cash tables. The play isn’t very good for the most part and seems to be a good way to win a few bucks when you need it.

Today at work I get to prepare for a meeting with the CEO. I have a 30 minute presentation to work on today but it shouldn’t be that hard to finish up. I’ve also made the decision to find a new job. I saw an opening in the city recreation department that should pay me what I’m making now if I can get the job. It would be running all the programs like soccer and trips to the museum. I know this would be a nice change and would put me in a job that I would really love to do. We’ll see what happens because I know I don’t want to continue working here.


Rod said...

I am so totally out of the loop - what is this Mookie stuff??

Is it Poker Stars (which would be why I';m out of the loop)

The Poker Enthusiast said...

The mookie is on Full Tilt. Check out the link on my blogroll for
It is part of the BBtwo, a blogger challenge for poker and the winner gets a seat to the Aussie Millions.

Unknown said...

You have to be happy or you just fall into a trap of misery my friend. Keep kicking ass and do what you love.

With much luck!

BWoP said...

ck31 is a girl.

She was drunk last night.

Oh, and it was the Korean Jew hand.

The Poker Enthusiast said...

Sorry...didn't know ck was a woman...I still question the play flop the odds are there but I think if you run the nubers this will be a loosing play most of the time.

BWoP said...

It was a moderate re-raise, which half of the time means the hammer (at least in the bloggerments).

Not sure what you mean by "Now I�ve seen ck31 play before and I guess I shouldn�t be surprised at the skills I saw." Well, yes, I do.

You think I'm a donk. That's fine. Think whatever you want.

Post-flop, I was getting the right odds.

Pre-flop, if you think someone is making a move, you can't just keep folding the whole night.

The Poker Enthusiast said...

OK. If you think I'm making a move and you call, basically committing your self to a hand like KJ, that's fine. There probably isn't a flop out there that you wouldn't have odds of calling considering that you had 2-1 odds to call anything post flop. As far as calling you a donk I was commenting on the tendencies of all players in blogger tourneys to make questionable plays from time to time. I didn't mean to point the finger specifically at you. Hell, I dropped the hammer last night just like a few others...and I think I dropped it on you. I guess that could explain why you might call that bet. Anyway, that won't be the last time I have KK cracked by KJ or any other number of hands that will lose in the long run. I'm sorry if I upset you...I was just ranting on my misfortune. Good luck at the tables.

jusdealem said...

Good luck with the job change. Hope it all works out.

Unknown said...

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Wwonka said...

Here lies the Problem with the Blogger tourneys.

People want to play and show stuff like the Hammer. and then they wonder why others make loose calls.

We have some bloggers who take these tourneys serious and some who play much higher who don't.

but now with the Big Prizes expecially in the later stages of a tourney you still see people pushing with the hammer???

YES ITS a blogger tourney but at somepoint we need to knock off the donky stuff.