Friday, October 12, 2007

Please Double Me Up


Don't forget Kat's Donkament on Full Tilt tonight. Password is Donkarama and it starts at 8:00 central


It is Friday morning and in a few hours I have to get up and got to work. I went upstairs at around midnight but I have not been able to fall asleep. I guess there is no good time for insomnia. So I write this post because I can’t sleep.

I played for a little bit and doubled up playing $25 nl. The table I was playing was a good mix of calling stations and passive donks with one agro to keep the chips moving around. The guy who doubled me had no idea I held pocket aces. The flop came small so I bet out from early position and was re-raised by my opponent. Now I could slow down here in hopes of showing weakness but I think his agro 48% flop seeing ass will call my push and he does call with his QQ. Tough hand to get away from but the bet for his whole stack could have been a clue. I also hit a nice pot when I flopped a set and got paid off on through the turn. While playing $50 nl. So a good night overall.


Just a reminder of my post from yesterday that next Friday will be “The Poker Enthusiast “KORD Classic” on Full Tilt. I’m gonna hold one tourney a month for the rest of the year and throw in any money that I get from player sign ups and the rake that I get from them. It isn’t much but it is a way of saying thanks to my readers and the players who have signed up through my site. I’ll probably keep the buy-in down for the rest of the year and increase it in January. Also, I am going to change the game played each month but will have Razz at least once a quarter because I want to.


I have a busy weekend coming up so after a little poker on Friday night I will be done for the rest of the weekend for the most part.

Have a great weekend.

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