Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It is FTOP Time of Year

FTOPs is here, well in another month and I think I’m going try and get into an event or two this time. The two events, Razz and Horse, I’d like to play are on Thursday nights and so unless I want to take the next day off I won’t be playing them. Below are the events that I may try and play.

Event #2
Thursday, Nov 8th
21:00 ET $300 + $22
Razz $100,000

Event #3
Friday, Nov 9th
21:00 ET $200 + $16
PLH $300,000

Event #9
Tuesday, Nov 13th
21:00 ET $200 + $16
PLO Hi/Lo $150,000

Event #11
Thursday, Nov 15th
21:00 ET $500 + $35
HORSE $250,000

Event #12
Friday, Nov 16th
21:00 ET $200 + $16
LH 6-Max $200,000

If I had my choice of one event then I would play Razz. I’ve had the most consistent success in Razz and thus I think this gives me the best chance of going deep. The price is a little high so I won’t buy-in directly. I’ll take a couple shots at it by playing a few $75 token frenzies and then playing the $75 qualifiers for the Razz event. I think I can play my way into this for under $60 so It would be stupid to buy-in anyway.

The number two event for me will be the PLH event #3. I’ve played some pot limit events and I feel I can do well in this. I also think I can buy into this for a smaller price and take a shot at a bigger pay day.

Number three on the list is PLO h/l or should I say event #9. Tuesdays suck but I like this game and have done ok in it in the past.

The Horse event is #4 but with a $500 buy-in I don’t think I’ll be playing it. If I can get into the first two event for near the minimum then I will take a couple of shots at this.

The limit hold’em event is really something that looks good because it is on a Friday. Limit hold’em tourneys are boring as hell but you can go deep if you stay focused and the donkeys don’t draw out on you real bad.

So that is what I have in store over the next few weeks as well as playing some of my other favorites.

By the way…say congrates to surf who qualified for event #1 for $30 in a re-buy tourney. When he was down to 4 players, he had as many chips as the rest of the layers combined and with 3 players getting a seat., he put pressure on the two middle stacks and made them play against the short stack. Well played man.

That’s it for today. Have a good one.

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