Monday, October 29, 2007

A Weekend Donkarama

I played Kat's Donkament on Friday night. I played super crazy and dropped a bunch in an attempt to give away money. After the break I tightened back up and chipped up slowly. As the final table approached I had a smallish stack but enough chips to put pressure on all but maybe two players. I used this some to keep my head above water and I really thought I had a shot. The my daughters comes into the room and asks me to give her a ride to her friend's house. Now the problem here is that I will lose a bunch of chips if I take off so I do the only logical thing. I ramp up the aggression in hopes of a quick double up. I was almost the until I re-raise/pushed astin and ran QT into KK. Win or go home.

After getting back home I jumped into a HORSE tourney and played some cash games. I bubbled the HORSE tourney trying to gain position when I could have folded to the money and I dropped 1 1/2 buy-ins playing cash games. The saving grace for the night was winning a $75 token so I can take another shot at the FTOPS RAZZ event.

Other then that the weekend was pretty layed back. We had soccer on Saturday morning and went to a pumpkin patch in the afternoon. I got home in time to take a shot in the RAZZ sat. and fired up the laptop 10 minutes before the start. I go to sign up and it isn't there. It starts at 7:40...not 8:40. So I watched the baseball game and a movie.

Sunday was a typical day in that w went to church and then watched football. The Bears suck...End of story. No softball because not enough parents wanted to play so it ended up a lazy day at home with a random nap thrown in.

So at some point this week, I'll be taking another shot at the Razz thingy in hopes of regaining my KORD title. I may play a couple more of these token races to build a supply for some other shots at bigger scores.

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