Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mookie Night Tonight...Again

Not a lot to say today other than that tonight is Mookie night on Full Tilt. Sign on and play at 9:00 central time to enjoy the donkey madness. Find it under the private tournament tab and use the password "vegas1" to play. Buy-in for the event is $10+1.
You can also play the Dookie at 10:30 which has a $5+.50 buy-in.

I was going to try and play a little last night to grind out a buy-in at $25nl but my eyes kept closing so I thought it better to stay away. So then I went up stairs and tried to go to sleep and I couldn't. This is one of the jetlag issues I've been dealing with for the last couple days. Anyway, I fell alssp around 2:00 am after watching some movie that was a waste of time. I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight but we shall see.

Speedy Enthusiast has her last football cheerleading gig on Saturday. Baseball Enthusiast has no soccer this weekend but still has three games left. Softball Enthusiast has basketball cheerleading tryouts today and has softball both Saturday and Sunday. Just a typical week in the PE household.

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