Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Gyu-Kaku Rocks

I went for a walk last night after I got back from dinner. I guess the first thing I did was call home and say hi but after that I went out. I found a Pepsi machine or should I say a machine that Pepsi in it. Most of the vending machines here have Coke so I was very happy to find my nectar of the gods.

I went by the hotel I stayed at for one night the last time I was here. They have a Starbucks so I may make a morning walk here to get some over price coffee before I leave. Anyway, I found the train station and walked a big circle and eventually found my way back to the hotel. It was strange walking around and seeing all the stores closed in a big city. The only things open were pachinko shops and an occasional mini-mart. Even the 7-11 closed at 10 o’clock for some reason.

Today I will be taking some video with my webcam to document some processes that we will try to emulate back at my facility. I am very jealous at the amount of room that they have to work with here compared to the cramped location back in Illinois.

So on the way home I may fire up the webcam to document some of the things I’ve seen here in Japan. The traffic is crazy but yet I haven’t seen any cracked up cars. I’m not sure how more kids/people don’t get run over by motorist with people walking on the side of some of the narrowest roads I’ve seen.

I didn’t play poker last night. I wasn’t in the mood to wait for a MTT and playing sngs wasn’t what I wanted to do. Instead I watched a movie and hit the hay a little after midnight.

Today was the best day so far in that I wasn’t tired at any point during work and we got some thing finished up work wise. As for dinner, the usual two people didn’t take us tonight. We had two other guys and we ended up going to a place called Gyu-Kaku. It was by far the best place I’ve eaten while I’ve been here. It is Japanese BBQ and you pick from many things on the menu and cook it up on a grill at the table. I’m not sure what it was we had but it was meat and meat is good. There was different flavorings and and different meats from all areas of the cows as well as some pork products. I could have stayed there for another few hours eating the food…it was that good.

So right now it is 8:10 pm so I’m gonna fire up a HORSE tourney on Full Tilt, get almost naked and play poker for a few hours.

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lj said...

there is a gyu-kaku in nyc. sooo good!