Thursday, November 01, 2007

No Mookie But Dookie and Spook

I didn’t get to play the Mookie last night. After an evening of walking around, mooching candy, we headed to Mrs. PE’s parents house to take pictures of the kids in their costumes. By the time we got home and got them into bed it was after 9:00 and thus I missed the start.

I jumped onto an PLO hl table and ground out a buy-in over and hour or so and also played the $26 token race. I got knocked out of the token race late when my TT lost a race vs. 88…wait, that’s not a race. Anyway, I missed out on that but got into the dookie and the spook.

The dookie was a waste of time as I missed every flop and eventually got all my chips on the table trying to better than triple up with KJJ8 double suited. That’s not the best of hands but I took a shot and lost. The Spook was fun. I was on a short stack much of the tourney but did the slow climb. The hand that knocked me out came with 9 or 10 players left and I look down at AT in the BB. It is folded to the SB who calls and an alarm went off. I had come over the top of him a few times when he limped and he folded so something triggered a spider sense. I ignored it and pushed again and calls with his AK and I went home. Stupid me. I actually said out loud “he has a hand” and I made the play anyway. Oh well. I played well to that point but one mistake and I was done.

I’m announcing the next KORD tourney will be on November 16th at 9:15 central time. I will have the banner up later and I still have to request the tourney. It should be up by Friday. The password will be pokere and the buy-in will be $5 + .50.


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

Thanks for coming to the Spook!

It was incredible.

Have a GREAT one!


KajaPoker said...

PE - I am loving your blog but i hate not being able to read the full post in bloglines. Can you enable full posts in your feed instead of just the summary?

The Poker Enthusiast said...

sure...let me figure it out.