Monday, November 05, 2007

I Can Still Do Something Sometimes

Being that I want to play in the FTOPS Razz event, I played a lot of Razz over the weekend. It started on Friday night with a super sat. for the FTOPS event and I played a good solid game and won my seat. The quality of play was solid overall with a little bit a donk thrown in. I also played the 2K but didn't get to where I wanted to be. I had chipped up nice in the middle part of the tourney but had some bad luck when I ran my A2347 on 5th street into a player who caught a 6 on 7th street. He had an 8 and got the card he needed. I eventually had to get my cards in with a less than premium hand and got knocked out a ways from the bubble. I also played the $5 tourney that I play so often and went deep. I eventually ended the night in 3rd or 4th place for a nice little cash. During all of this I won a $26.

Saturday I played the 2K again and went deepish. As the bets increased I got into a hand I could have folded but chased it down a bit with a much better draw and bricked. I came back a little but got knocked out when I ran 5324353. Nothing like a boat to kill your game. My opponent made a T low for the win on that hand. Well played. Anyway, I won both a $26 and a $75 token as well as going deep and getting another final table in the $5 Razz tourney. I also ended the night just off the final table in a PLO tourney. So over all it was a nice weekend. I'll be using the token to try and get into the FTOPS Razz on Tuesday and also trying to win a seat in the sat on Thursday. If this doesn't happen then I prolly won't buy-in unless I can get some backing. I might be willing to split with someone or sell off half of my action in 5 or 10 percent chunks.


Saturday was a normal day for the most part. Baseball E. had his last soccer game and they won to end the season at either 7-0-1 or 7-1-0. I don't remember if they had a loss or a tie. Considering that we only had enough players to field a team, with no subs, for most of the season I think they they did wonderfully. Next up for him may be little kids basketball or winter soccer training. We'll see what happens.

Speedy E. is in the between things right now. She will have some cheerleading things coming up and maybe some running program that has been started. She is a fantastic runner so if this is something she wants to try, we will do it. She also woke up this morning at 4:45 and threw up in the bathroom for the next hour or so. She will be staying home today.

Softball E. started winter practices on Sunday. They will be meeting every Sunday, other than holidays, to work on fundamentals and to get ready for next season. She is also doing her cheerleading so she has a busy schedule. She also went to her first ever pitching lesson on Sunday afternoon. She worked on a couple of mechanical things and I saw an immediate improvement in her form. She was clocked at 48-49 MPH which is maybe a bit slower then I've seen her throw but the coach knows we can get more out of her. At the end of the session I made the comment that I thought we could get another 5 MPH out of her and the coach said that she will be doing that in 4 weeks. She also said that she thinks she can get as much as 15 MPH by the time summer comes around. WOOT is all I can say to that.

That was my weekend with a little bit of movie time thrown in.

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What a GREAT weekend.

Talk to you later!

Hopefully Speedy gets better quick!