Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Next KORD and Other Stuff

This Friday at 9:15 central time will the next installment of the KORD. I have again added a little money to the prize pool because I'm not very smart so come and get it. The password is pokere and the event will be on Full Tilt. All are welcome but I will be trying hard to get my title back. I will put a new banner up proclaiming the new KORD if anyone can knock off Night Ranger.

Not much to say today. I played no poker last night and maintain that I will be away from the tables until Friday.

I spent last night trying to figure out how to block access to a web site the girls go to all the time. It isn’t a bad web site but one of the girls signed onto the other girl’s account and took her mythical money to buy stuff for her virtual room. I ended up putting it as a restricted site which my oldest can change if she wants to. I will give them access back in a couple of but they have been spending to much time playing the game…almost as much time as I had been spending playing poker. Addiction is a bad thing so I expect them to start going into withdraw very soon.

This part of the reason I’m taking some time away from the tables. I have been spending to much time playing a stupid game. And it is only a game. Sure I make a little money at it but does it really improve anything in my life? It probably causes more problems than it solves.


jusdealem said...

Enjoy your time away from the tables. See ya at the KORD.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

With my recent success, I GUARANTEE I'll be at the next KORD, probably the only poker I get to play for a week cause the kids are going to be here Saturday afternoon!