Thursday, November 08, 2007

Weeeeeeee...Razz Rules

Well I did it...I got my seat for the FTOPS Razz event tonight. Total cost for a $322 seat was about $65 so not bad. This took in account the money I won bubbling a seat but getting cash and the cost of buy-ins for token frenzies and the direct buy-in for the one I actually won. I still have a sat to play tonight but I may not be able to play it because my son has a kindergarten thing going on. In fact, I may miss the start of the actual event because I will be busy watching him. Not very good thinking on my part but if he signs with the first group I will be ok.

I also had the pleasure of watching jusdealem take a 3rd place in the nightly $5 Razz tourney on Full Tilt last night. Way to go. I have been doing a little coaching with JDE and I think I can be certain that I have to keep some of my secrets to my self in fear of losing my edge. Maybe I should offer lessons to the Razz donks out there, for a price, and create a legion of KORD followers who will worship the felt I play on. They can be humbled by my presence and manicure my hands so I don't get a hang nail while playing the greatest of games. Maybe they will bring me offerings of food. Anyway, I'm hoping that some of the luckboxery I saw in my favor last night continues and I can make a deep run into blogger immortality with a FTOPS final table.

The tourney was crazy. I won a big hand as the bets were just getting important when I a nut low on 5th street and a guy tried to bet me off the hand when I paired the next two cards. I then stayed away from much of anything for the longest time as players threw chips back and forth and I anted down. As we got closed I was in trouble a few times but got the right hand at the right time to keep me alive. As we got close to the bubble I was almost felted but saved a bet on the river when I knew the guy caught his river card. A little later I made a stand with 800 chips left and sucked out good and then won a few small pots to get me to about 36 of 40 players with 27 getting a seat. The key hand was tripling up when I was 3464 and getting the odds to call. I made an 8 and and moved into 16th with 32 left. I stayed patient and finally got a nice A23 and got heads up. I bricked with a queen but still sat in a winning postion. I eventually got heads up again with the table raiser who raised any low up card. He doubled me up and I crushed from the on. There were many medium and short stacks at the table and I continued to pressure them. I raised any low when it was folded to me and almost every time it was shipped my way. The bubble burst and I was ready to call it a night.

My buddy surf will be trying to win his way into this event tonight by playing in a turbo sat at 5:30 central. Wish him luck as well as the other bloggers out there who are already in.

I forgot to pimp the Mookie yesterday so I'll pimp the riverchasers for tonight. It starts at 8:00 central. Check it out and use the password riverchasers to play.


jusdealem said...

$65 not bad at all! Thanks for railing me last night and for sharing some of your wisdom with me!

Your Humble Grasshoppa

Now,please accept my offering of bacon, while I worship at your felt.


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

Heh... So Jus. You throw bacon at the feet of Daddy or Alcanthang. You throw HEAT past PE!

You are starting a GREAT run. Now BRING IT HOME!

I've got confidence in ya!